best electric lawnmower for small yards

Best electric mower for small yards? Here are the top 5!

Why not invest in one of the best electric mower for small yards. They’re easy to use and are convenient. The battery power lasts the perfect amount for a small yard trim, and you don’t have to deal with gas lawnmowers which in comparison take a lot more maintenance.

A lawn that is kept in the right manner is always appreciated by the one who gives in the hard work and the ones who get to view it. But the manual labor involved in the process is always tiring, and the thought of it always makes one lazy.

Give yourself some relief and invest in your peace. 

Buying guide: What to consider when purchasing electric mower for small yards? 

These are things you should consider before buying your own small mower. 


You need to know what your major requirements are. You need to know how much space you initially have in your home for storage. This is the most important part of the mower since you won’t be using your mower all the time, and this is the reason why you should always ensure you have a good space for storage.

If you don’t have enough storage for space, make sure you buy a smaller mower which fits your space requirements. There is a huge variety of sizes that fit many requirements and give good power.

Especially when you have a small yard, you need to buy an electric-powered mower that works well and gives you enough power to make it through the whole yard. 

Battery power 

There are two types of mowers, one of these is gas-powered, and one of them is battery-powered. These are dependent on what your requirements are.

The gas-powered mowers give you a very good life, but the downfall to this; is the fact that these mowers are only used in places where the user owns a huge yard or has a job that requires commercialized usage of mowers. 

The battery-powered ones are more limited and have two categories which are corded and cordless. The corded mowers are limited to an extensive amount and can give a long run time but may have their minor faults.

In comparison, a cordless one can be used to mow a good amount of small yard and can give a run time of about 45 mins. 

Self-propelled or pushing 

These are the types of mowers that you should consider while buying a small yard mower. These are the types that people usually own and are available in the market.

A self-propelled mower works by itself and does not need to be pushed around. It will move forward by itself, but you will need to turn it in the right direction.

The self pushed mower is a mower that is supposed to be pushed by the user itself, and it needs to be directed in the right direction as well, thus requires a little bit of manual power, but it is worth the lower price which they are offered at. 

Black + Decker Electric Lawnmower

Black + Decker Electric Lawnmower


  • It is a corded mower that universally supports 110/120v plugins. 
  • Has height adjustments that support 1.3-3.7 inch increase and decrease. 
  • A winged blade that provides a maximum collection of grass. 
  • Has a very easy button push start. 
  • The padded foam handle provides comfort. 
  • Has a foldable handle which can help in smaller space storage. 
  • Provides a good space for mulching, bagging, and side discharge. 
  • Is lightweight and weighs 46.2 lbs. 


If you’re looking for something convenient, this is a great choice for your small yard. Black + Decker has provided the world with an extensive range of applicants, which are commonly found in almost everyone’s home.

They have been around for a long time and have the customer’s convenience in mind.

With the storage space being minimized and the handle being foldable, it makes a great small package for any home. These also help in the collection of precisely cut grass, which can be cut down according to your needs. 

Lawn Master Electric Lawnmower

Lawn Master Electric Lawnmower


  • It is a cordless lawnmower that can be charged according to requirement. 
  • Has a 40 V lithium-ion battery which helps in the longevity of material life. 
  • Has an easy on and off operation, which requires no manual power to start. 
  • It has cutting height adjustments from 1 inch – 3 inch. 
  • Has a quiet motor that runs at a speed of 3500 RPM. 
  • Also has a cutting width of 16 inches. 
  • Comes with a safety flap, lock-in knob, cable clip, carry handle. 
  • Provides an easy collection bag. 


If you’re looking for a high-powered lawnmower, then you should consider something like this. This mower has been able to prove its worth to many and has been known to work as a gas mower without the gas change hassles.

This mower all together forms a great piece of work that can give the user what it needs.

The storage space becomes very minimal once it folds and has rubber wheels that can be used to move the mower from one place to another or can be carried with the carry handle. 

Green Works Electric Lawnmower

Green Works Electric Lawnmower


  • It has two batteries installed which can easily give you up to 45 minutes of yard work. 
  • Each battery is 24V. 
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide long-term usage. 
  • Has five adjustable height adjustments which can be changed according to your need. 
  • Has a 16-inch mowing deck which provides quicker yard work. 
  • Also can easily bag the grass cuttings for mulching or other purposes. 
  • Has plastic wheels. 
  • Both rear and front wheels have different lengths, which provide easier maneuvering. 
  • The motor does not make very loud sounds and has quiet operations. 


Gas-powered mowers are not suggested for smaller yards since they are a lot bigger in size, have more capacity to cut more and require maintenance which makes it a bigger responsibility for a small spaced yard.

Why not buy a mower which provides the same delivery but does not need the maintenance?

This is the type of mower we’re presenting here; it works great, has power, and gives you results, all while being a battery-powered mower. 

WORX Electric Lawnmower

WORX Electric Lawnmower


  • It comes with a dual battery. 
  • Includes dual charging port, which allows charging from separate plugs for quicker charging. 
  • Multiple indicators help to know when you need to charge and how much battery is left. 
  • Has two, 20 V batteries.
  • Has a plastic mulching and bagging system. 
  • Indicators tell you when you need to empty the mulching bag. 
  • Is easily compatible with multiple WORX 40v tools. 


If you’re having problems with cutting thicker grass, you can always turn the knob and make the motor run with more torque. This option helps you cut thicker grass in a quicker time and makes it a lot easier for you to save time.

The cutting lengths are also adjustable and have a great size range which can be used according to preference or season.

The light 29lbs machine can provide you with ease in transportation and make it easier for you to store in smaller spaces. 

Snapper Electric Lawnmower

Snapper Electric Lawnmower


  • It has a bigger battery than usual. 
  • Battery is 82 V and is powered by a speed charger. 
  • Has a 21″ steel deck for quicker cutting time. 
  • It has seven different height adjustments, which help in cutting extensive types of grasses. 
  • Has a charge time of 60 minutes. 
  • Provides 45 mins of work time. 
  • Weighs a hefty 90lbs. 
  • Has a smart battery that can be left unattended. 
  • Does not overcharge. 


This is one of the best electric mowers for small yards. The battery is extensively huge, and the body is made of steel which provides protection and a lot of good power, which gives the user a great machine to work with.

The battery is 82V, and it can be left unattended, and it won’t overcharge. This is easy to handle and gives a good runtime of 45 mins after a full charge.

These can definitely give a good run against a gas-powered mower. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are questions that are asked by the users to make their choices easier. 

Why shouldn’t I buy a gas-powered mower for my small yard? 

You may know what overkill is; this is the same thing applied to what a gas-powered mower is for a small yard. Yes, there are smaller sizes available for smaller yards, but they do require a lot more maintenance and oil changes to keep them up to the mark.
You should also consider the fact that a battery-powered mower will last a limited time but can get your work done within the time frame.

Yes, they do have their minor faults like the battery running out before time and having to keep a reminder to unplug the battery if the battery is not smart. But the overall requirement of a small yard fits a battery-powered mower more than a gas-powered one.
You can always opt for either of them but consider your requirements for your yard and then buy them to ensure you’re not paying more for something you simply do not require.

What is the meaning of length grasses? 

These are the lengths to which the mower can cut. These are required by the user, and multiple mowers give this change to the user, and they can simply adjust the size according to what their needs are. They can be shorter in other seasons and longer if you prefer them as such. And remember, if the mower offers it, it will be able to deliver.

What is mulching? 

Mulching is the process of making basic manure for the ground. This helps in letting the grass or the plants grow more and get more energy and minerals, which the soil may lack. These help in growing multiple vegetables as well and can give the user a lot more to work with than just simple soil.

What is bagging, and is it offered in the mower? 

Bagging is the process of collecting all of the spilled and cut grass while it is being cut for multiple other uses. These uses can be determined by the customer. Some attachments are offered by the producers, and they give a lot of help in keeping the yard as clean as possible. This helps in mulching later on as well. Some bags come attached to the mower and can give a lot more ease; there are also indications that help you know when you need to empty the bag out.


All of these have been our top picks for the best electric mowers for small yards.  They give a good amount of control to the user and allow them to work more efficiently, and are have a quiet engine that won’t disturb your neighbors or surrounding parties.

These give you easy access and are safely stored in compact spaces. The handles on the mower will help in picking up and moving them around and have turn-able handles, which make them easier to store. 

Choose wisely according to your needs.

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