Best large walk behind lawnmower

Best Large Walk Behind Mower (With Pros and Cons)

Homeowners have now discovered the fact that walk-behind mowers is comparatively faster and excellent in terms of functioning. These lawnmowers are quicker and have a better performance for grass cutting and work well on the edges and slopes. Are you wondering what is the best large walk behind mower?

We have got you!

Let’s have a peek at the best option that we have compiled for you. Below we have the five best large walk behind mower that you should check if you are planning to purchase a highly efficient lawnmower.

Buying guide

How to choose the best large walk behind mower?

There are a few very simple and easy factors to consider when planning to purchase a lawn mower. Just keep in mind a few of the essential features and then decide which lawnmower would work the best for the lawn.

Is the mower going to work on uneven terrain?

The first question to ask whenever you purchase the lawn mower is if it is going to work on uneven surfaces? If yes, then it is an excellent option to consider. However, you will come across several different models, including a self-propelled lawn mower, which is better because it comes with wheels and has better performance and efficiency. You can easily handle a self-propelled model because of the construction that is specially done to provide maximum comfort to the user.

What is the size of the walk behind mower?

Size is another most important aspect to consider. Even though you are looking for the large walk behind mower, you will have to make sure that you get the mower easily accessible and easy to handle. When you are getting a massive mower, it will be tough for you to handle it properly. Make sure you consider the size of your lawn and then choose the lawn mower according to the requirement. If you have a medium-sized lawn, there is no need to get a commercial large lawn mower. A medium-sized lawn mower would work well.

Now it depends upon your preference and your requirement of the size. Just make sure if you are using the lawn mower commercially, then getting a large mower would be the best bet but for homeowners getting a medium size lawn mower is a better choice.

Walk-behind or push lawn mower.

There are two different types of lawn mower options that you will come across. One is the option where you have to push the lawn mower and get the job done, but the other one is the walk behind option. Both of these require exercise and effort, but the walk behind lawn mower option is comparatively more comfortable for some users because of the easy handling.

Noise and emissions

One has to be aware of the environmental factor whenever you are considering to purchase a lawn mower. It is essential that you consider the noise the lawn mower will be producing and emissions from the lawnmower. If there is excessive emission of smoke and the noise is massive, then it might not be an excellent option to consider. You must make sure that you are checking the noise and the missions of the lawn mower before you finally decide to purchase.

What is the price of the walk behind mower?

Usually, the price ranges from $100 to $1000. Now it depends upon you about the budget that you have. If you are looking for a lawn mower that is budget-friendly, you can definitely find a lot of incredible options under 150 dollars. Whereas there are some other excellent options available, you can check, but it is always better to think of a budget before you finally purchase the mower for your house or commercial use. Once you have a budget in mind, it will be easier for you to decide the product.

Does it has a satisfactory performance or not?

Well, if you want to know about the first and information regarding any product, it is better to check the customer reviews. Make sure you are checking if the people are happy with the walk behind mower that you are choosing. It is essential that you finally pick the option known for its satisfactory performance and offers long-lasting performance.

Is there a warranty available or not?

Another most important aspect to consider is if there is any warranty available or not. Most of the time, these electronic goods stop working after just a few days. Therefore if you are planning to purchase the walk behind lawn mower, you must check whether or not the manufacturer is offering a warranty. If there is a warranty, it is a Win-Win situation for you so that you can get it exchanged or repaired in case the lawnmower stops working.

List of Best Walk Behind Lawn Mower

1. Worx Lawn Mower – Best commercial walk behind mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower

One of the customer’s favorite lawnmowers is the Worx lawn mower that is a perfect lawn mower for mulching and has a handle for easy handling. There are two batteries each of 20 volts available, and you will also be getting the charges so that you can quickly charge the lawnmower when needed without any hassle.

The cutting with the lawnmower is 17 inches, whereas the total dimension is 56.6 9 inches X 17.7 to inches x 41.3 4 inches. This is a battery-powered lawn mower offering excellent functioning.

Cutting height

This lawn mower has a cutting width of 17 inches which you already know, but there are six different cutting height settings for this lawn mower. You can easily adjust and choose the height that you want for the grass. The easy single Lever adjustment for the height of the grass makes it easy for you to adjust the height settings.

Speed and storage

The handle of the lawnmower is around 42 inches long is easily collapsible. This easily collapsible handle enables you to store the lawn mower properly and efficiently without any hassle.

There are two-speed control options available that you can choose from. And you can easily store the grass in the mulch bag provided. The total runtime is 5500 feet with a single charge.

2. Greenworks corded lawn mower – Best walk behind mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Greenworks is another famous option because of the excellent functioning and because it is not a battery-based lawn mower but an electrical lawn mower that comes with the cord. It is comparatively more long-lasting and offers flawless functioning. The cutting width of the lawn mower is 16 inches, and it also has a mulch bag for the storage of the grass.

2 in 1 feature

The two-in-one features of this lawn mower include the mulching facility along with storing the rear discharge. This one is an excellent quality lawn mower that offers a 10-ampere electric motor and also comes with easy assembling options.

Height adjustment

The height adjustment is also one major factor of the lawn mower to consider. This one offers five different positions for cutting the grass. You can adjust it between 5 inches to 2 inches by quickly changing the height with the single adjustment Lever available.

Other specifications

The code of the lawnmower is 150 feet long, along with the front wheel that is 7 inches in circumference and the front wheel that are 6 inches in circumference.

3. Sun Joe walk behind lawn mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower

We have one other battery powered lawn mower with a robust quality choice with the 48-volt power battery. This one has a durable steel construction that ensures that it does not break very quickly and easily. Moreover, the rechargeable runtime of this lawn mower is 25 minutes.

Battery power

This one is a battery powered lawn mower that comes with two batteries of 4 ah. The total output power is 48 volts.

Adjustable height

The height adjustability feature is also available with prepositions that can be manually adjusted. You can tailor the height of the cutting grass based on your requirement. Moreover, this one has a cutting width of 17 inches.

4. Greenworks corded dethatcher Lawn Mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower

If you are not planning to get the heavy-duty GreenWorks walk-behind lawn mower, then the dethatcher can be a good option and also price friendly. It comes with a 10-ampere motor which is super robust and provides the ultimate functioning. Moreover, the handle is also added to provide you excellent grip. You can also adjust the handle according to your height and your comfort.

Cutting width

The cutting width of the lawn mower is 14 inches which is comparatively less than the other options, but it is still better because of the affordable price and easy handling.

Adjustable height

You can adjust the lawnmower setting to cut the grass on three different adjustable Heights. These three positions can be adjusted easily with the help of the lever available with the lawn mower. This is no doubt an excellent choice for reliable performance, and you will also find the lawn mower working exceptionally well because of the stainless steel cutting blades.

5. Sun Joe detached lawn mower

Walk Behind Lawn Mower

One last option that we have is the lawn mower that is another electric-powered option. This one is made from Stainless Steel material and has a total weight of 27 lbs. It is a manual lawn mower that will require a bit of effort, but overall functioning is excellent with reliable cutting performance. You will also like the easy storage that can be done with the storage bag available. However, the cutting width is only 13 inches.

Adjustable cutting height

You can adjust the cutting height between two inches to 12 inches. The cutting height can be adjusted very easily without any significant difficulty. Moreover, there is the Lever available that helps with adjustments.

Air boost Technology

This good quality lawn mower uses the air boost Technology that offers maximum thatch pickup. With this technology, the performance is even better and more reliable. Also, the steel tines help with efficient functioning.


Now that you have checked the five best large walk-behind mowers, you can finally decide which one is the best one for you. If you are looking for our recommendation, we will recommend you to go for the Greenworks 10 amp lawnmower, which is ideally one of the best options to consider based on the price and the performance. Some other options are also available that you can explore, and you should also read the reviews to understand what the lawn mower has to offer. Make sure you are considering the quality and the price both whenever you are using the lawn mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best walk behind mower?

The best large walk behind mower is the Greenworks 10 amp lawn mower that offers the ultimate performance and has a robust construction that will ensure that it does not stop working within a few months.

What is the best affordable walk behind mower?

The best affordable choice is the Sun Joe Detacher lawn mower. It is not only excellent in terms of functioning but also provides all the necessary features in a minimal amount.

How much does a lawn mower cost?

The usual cost can be between $100 to $3,000, depending upon your budget. You will come across a lot of other options that cost less than a hundred dollars as well. But if you are looking for an optimal quality option, you can easily find one between $500 to $1000.

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