Top 6 lawnmower snow blower combo for winters? (Authentic Guide)

Lawnmower snow blower can always come in handy when it snows. Some of them are already pretty useful all year round and provide the user with the ability to mow their lawn in all types of seasons. These mowers can also have an additional attachment of a snowblower.

A snow blower is a small attachment that helps in maintaining a good-paced passage when the snow accumulated in your front yard or in places where you do not want it.

These snow blowers help to make it easier to clear out your driveway in a much more convenient manner. Instead of using manual labor, you can use a machine and get your work done. 

Buying guide: What to consider when purchasing the lawnmower snow blower combo?

These are things you should remember before buying the best lawn mower snow blower just to make sure you’re not wasting money. 

Initial products

The initial products stand for what you own initially. This is the type of truck or the type of lawnmower you own to which you are planning to attach the snowblower too. These are supposed to be the bade on which you need to add the snowblower.

To make sure you’re buying the best fit for your blower, you need to make sure you’re consulting the dealer or reading the description thoroughly to know if your mower or tracker supports this type of snowblower.

Or call the operator or customer care service to ensure you’re getting all your queries answered before you buy the external attachment. 

Your Needs 

Do not buy something which is over-powered or under-powered.

Being under-powered will only leave your pathways or driveway looking half done and unkempt. They will look like they haven’t been properly cleaned, and this can only lead to disappointment.

It would help if you also considered how big your driveway is and what you should invest in to get a quicker and easier fix.

If your driveway or the required area of snow blowing is very big and can handle a higher throw of snow, then you should go for snowblowers with a higher throwing capacity; if not, simply buy a snowblower with a smaller throwing capacity.

You can also opt for a single-stage snowblower which is a lot more manual and does not have a higher throw but pushes the snow forward and shovels it in a different direction. 

Also, keep in mind the unpaved and paved passages all require different types of blowers to ensure your ground is not being taken away with the snow. 

Listed below are a few of the best lawn mower snow blower combo attachments, which will give you great accessibility to clear out your driveway in no time. 

Cub Cadet Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It is a three-stage snow blower. 
  • Can be used on the unpaved ground because the lower part does not touch the ground. 
  • Can be used for deeper snow as well. 
  • Provides very quick results. 
  • Leaves lesser amounts of snow behind. 
  • Weighs 280 LBS. 
  • Has a dimension of 60.5 x 33.5 x 30.75 inches. 
  • 42” length. 


A three-stage snow blower is known to be a lot more efficient than a two-stage or one-stage blower. These are great with the unpaved ground since they do not have a lot of surface area touching the ground and would not bring up any mud along with the snow.

These blowers are a lot more efficient as well and can give you a clear pathway, sidewalk, or clear your driveway a lot quicker than any other snowblower. These are pretty big and can easily be installed in your mower for ease and comfort. 

  • Quicker and much more efficient.
  • Higher capacity to work through more snow.
  • Easily gives more output.
  • Can only be attached to specific mowers which are from or related to the same company.
  • Availability is not guaranteed.

Arnold Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It is a one stage snow blower. 
  • Does not have mechanical advancements to push and throw snow out. 
  • A manual snowblower. 
  • Is made to protect the truck to which it is attached and push snow in piles. 
  • Is compatible with multiple different models. 
  • Gives the user the margin to manually move the direction from straight ahead to 25° left or right to make it easier to move and push snow. 
  • Is good for multiple types of terrain, ever works well with the unpaved ground like gravel. 
  • 46” total length. 
  • Weighs a good 67.7 lbs. 
  • 47.5 x 16.25 x 10.27 inches. 


A manual attachment can be simply used for pushing away any form of snow on multiple surfaces without having to accumulate dust. The whole attachment is pretty good and works well with multiple models of lawnmowers.

These snow blowers can also be manually adjusted to make the proper angle to push snow forward and turn whenever required. 

  • Has manual adjustments and is not stiff.
  • Protects the lawnmower as well.
  • Good with gravel driveways as well.
  • Only pushes the snow forward and does not throw it out of the way.
  • It is not comparable to two-stage snow blowers.

John Deere Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It is a two-stage snow blower. 
  • Has an installation kit that makes the snowblower and lawnmower connection very easy. 
  • Has a single electric actuator that helps in controlling the blower. 
  • Can be attached to multiple models of John Deere. 
  • Can lift 4-6 inches to accommodate easy curb management. 
  • Has dash-mounted controls that make things easier for you. 
  • Is made of steel and is very sturdy. 
  • Weighs 20 lbs. 
  • (30 x 12 x 8) inches product dimensions. 
  • Does not include the electric lift. 


John Deere is known for garnering appliances, and to make things easier, they’ve also turned their attention towards these blowers, which makes snow more joyous and less hectic. The blower has the ability to go through high levels of snow and give you a clear pathway in a small amount of time.

These snow blowers have easy installation and can give the user the upper hand in quick removal and attachments. A good product overall can have excessive attachments to make things easier. 

  • Has an installation kit that is easy and quick.
  • Is a decent size and very good with high levels of snow.
  • Fits John Deere models.
  • Can only fit specific models.
  • You have to buy the different attachments.

NorTrac Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It is a heavy-duty snowblower. 
  • Can be used for high levels of snow. 
  • Has a length of 60 inches which allows huge levels of snow to be blown away. 
  • Can be attached to a bigger tracker from 25-40 hp. 
  • Have five-position chute adjustments to direct snow in different directions. 
  • Has a discharge chute rotation. 
  • Has a throw distance of 40 feet. 
  • 14-inches sheer bolt auger and 24-inch propeller. 
  • Quick and easy to work with. 


This is a great addition for anyone who has high levels of snow accumulation. It is a heavy-duty snow blower and you can choose and adjust the chute in multiple ways to ensure the snow is blown in the right and desired directions.

The whole thing is 60” long and has a huge amount of capacity for collecting and discharging snow both quickly and efficiently. 

  • Quicker work time.
  • Easy access to adjustments.
  • Extra control over the direction of blowing snow.
  • Is a little too big for smaller yards or household use.
  • May not be an easy attachment for small mowers.

NorcTrack 3-pt Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It is a 50-inch snowblower.
  • Fits tractors from 16-30 hp. 
  • Has a throwing distance of 25 feet. 
  • Manually control the crank chute for a desired directional throw. 
  • Comes with five directional changes of adjustment. 
  • Fits smaller tractors as compared to the other size. 
  • 14-inch shear bolt auger. 
  • 24-inch impeller. 
  • The chute rates 340°.
  • Made out of sturdy steel, which allows long life and usability. 


This combo is a great addition for people who have to deal with higher levels of snow every year. A little bit of an overkill for home use and does not look like the best option for household use since the initial throw of the chute is 25 inches but can work well with a bigger driveway or a sidewalk that needs clearing for residential use or personal needs.

The whole things are big and provide the user with a direct throw that can be controlled to make it easier for the user to direct where the snow goes. 

  • Heavy duty snowblower.
  • Fits well on bigger tractors.
  • Can be manually controlled.
  • Is not suggested for household usage.
  • Pretty heavy for manual attachments.

Husqvarna Lawnmower snow blower combo


  • It has easy removal and installation. 
  • Requires certain brackets and a pulley frame for initial installation. 
  • Has replaceable wear and skid shoes to ensure long life of usage. 
  • Can be controlled from the tractor seat. 
  • The reflector pitch has a 180° rotation. 
  • It is a two-stage blower.
  • Works well with unpaved grounds as well. 
  • Weighs 259 lbs.
  • Has a manual installation. 


A manually installed snow blower that can be controlled from the tractor seat allows the user the ease to control where the snow is blown towards. This snow blower is installed on mowing tractors and weighs a hefty weight which allows a huge amount of snow to be moved easily and quickly without having to put in the extra effort.

This is a Husqvarna product that allows the user a lot of options for attachments, and the initial products allow multiple levels of control to ensure the person does not have to deal with weak initial products, though back wheel chains are recommended for extra control. 

  • Easy installation.
  • Good control.
  • Manual changes.
  • Is very heavy.
  • Chains are required in the tractor to give more control.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the types of snow blowers available? 

There are multiple types, but the initial category is single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage. 

The single-stage blowers are pretty common and are not the fanciest. They have simple ways of working and do not involve a lot of machinery, and are mostly manual. These are also not very easy to work with when it comes to unpaved ground. They touch the ground and shovel the snow. This is the most basic type. 

The second stage blower, is a little more complex and has a propellor and auger that collects snow and discharges it from one place to another. These blowers are easy to use and have electrical connections. They are also a lot faster and do not need the manual investment that a single-stage blower may require. This helps the user get through higher piles of snow and does work well with the unpaved ground since the lower part does not touch the ground and is a little lifted. 

The three-stage blower is the last type, and this is the type that is the quickest and the best to work with if you have a very high level of snow and you require a heavy-duty snowblower which will clear out your passage in a much quicker time and does not require manual work at all. This is a heavy-duty blower, and it does end up being used by people who have a commercialized plain to cover instead of being used in a household situation. 

What are the chains added to the back of the tractor while snow blowing? 

These are added to ensure the tractor tires do not skid while pushing the snow forward. These make it easier to plow through the snow and not have to waste gas or battery while doing it.
However, these are used in bigger tractors while plowing, and smaller mowers do not require it as much.


These were our top picks for the best lawn mower snow blower combo. These have both commercialized and home usage suggestions, and you can use them accordingly.

These have manual and electric connections, which allow both ease and comfort for anyone who chooses them.

Just make sure you’re buying for your own needs and not overpowering the usage. 

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