Best rated commercial zero turn mower

5 Best rated commercial zero-turn mowers (An Honest Review!)

Are you searching for best rated commercial zero-turn mowers. If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we have selected the best commercial zero-turn mower for you.

A zero radius lawnmower is something a user can use to mow their lawn while sitting on top of the chair while steering the whole thing in the required direction. The whole thing is pretty easy to use and is either fuel-powered or has a battery installation which helps maintain the usage that is required by the person who buys the whole thing.

These things are pretty easy to turn and make a pretty decent machine for grass cutting. These are fast-paced and can get the job done in no time. These small things build up to make a great piece of work which then in turn help maintain a better yard or garden at your end. 

Buying guide – All you should Consider 

These are small things you should consider before buying a lawnmower for a commercialized plain.

Should I opt for gas-powered or battery-powered lawnmowers? 

The general thought has to be with the fact that a battery-powered lawnmower is not the best thing to opt for when you’re buying a bigger usage. You need to consider the fact that a better-powered lawnmower may be a lot more affordable, but you will struggle with keeping up with the battery time it gives.

A general battery for a lawnmower will last anywhere between 25 to 40 mins which makes it very hard to cut a decent size place without having to struggle with recharging the machine over and over again. 

A gas-powered will have a better engine and will be easily refilled with gas multiple times once it runs out. This makes it the best choice for a larger area or a commercialized area.

These lawnmowers give better time, and with better care, they will certainly last you longer too. 


This has to be a big part of what you consider and end up buying. These lawnmowers have a seat attached to the top, and the user should get something that fits them well and is going to be the right fit for their usage.

The seat should have an elevated back and good adjusting specifications to provide the user with the leniency they need while using the mower. The seat should also keep the user in and not let them bounce around at every curb or bump they hit.

Having extra support and good side handles to rest your hands on are also a plus, though the fancier the seat, the more expensive it does, cash out on the comfort and provision of your needs. 

What about grass clipping discharge? 

You should keep in mind what kind of discharge you want from your mower. You need to ensure all of the options are kept clear. These clippings can be discharged from the back and the side.

These collection bags can be installed and used for multiple things such as mulching or simply throwing away. These can be helpful, and you can decide on which mower to buy, considering the details that you need to adhere to when it comes to the point of discharge.

Choose wisely. 

We’ve chosen a few of the best-rated commercial zero-turn mowers to make a choice easier for you. 

Ariens Edge zero turn lawn mower

Ariens Edge zero turn lawn mower


  • The item weighs around 710 pounds 
  • Made of a steel frame that is sturdy and has thick metal usage. 
  • The seat is a 52” fabricated one and is super comfortable. 
  • Has a long life span. 
  • Can give an excellent mow at the speed of 7 miles/hr. 
  • Can cut great lengths of grass without slagging. 
  • Is good with small trims as well. 
  • Does need assembly. 
  • Is installed with a 726cc Kawasaki FR651 engine. 
  • Good clean and sharp cuts. 


The company may not be well heard of, but the product this Wisconsin-based company puts out is excellent. They are a little hard to find, but once you do invest and buy these, they’re a long-lasting investment.

These are very comfortable to use and have a bright orange color which may be disliked by a few, but it delivers when it comes to performance. These mowers are great when it comes to longer distances and overgrown grass. 

Husqvarna Riding mower

Husqvarna Riding mower


  • The mower is gas-powered. 
  • It is made of thick steel, which is great for anyone who is looking for a long-lasting lawnmower. 
  • Is made to ensure a cleaner cut every time. 
  • Weighs roughly around 650lbs. 
  • Can mow up to a good speed of 6.5 miles/hr. 
  • This has a 26 HP Kohler engine. 
  • Cutting-edge technology to make mowing much easier and a lot smoother. 
  • Made for long distances and heavy-duty cutting. 


Overall this product is a great choice, but you need to be sharp and vigilant when it comes to the warranty and replacement policy.

You need to make sure there are proper parts when it first arrives and keep everything in check before disassembling the whole thing. The engine check should be your priority.

The mower does give a cleaner cut and has great seating, but make sure you don’t turn at a very high speed. 

Craftsmen store Riding mower

Craftsmen store Riding mower


  • Has a 679cc powered engine with an auto choke feature. 
  • Is a gas-powered lawnmower.
  • Has a range of 3 choices to choose from. 
  • It can also mow in reverse and perform well while moving forward. 
  • Has a 46” deck for cutting, trimming, and clipping grass in one smooth ride. 
  • Has a comfortable back for elongated work hours. 
  • Changing direction is easier with the 360 turn radius. 
  • Deck-wash makes it easier for underside cleaning. 


This is a very specific lawnmower that comes with a straight-forward set of instructions that clearly state how you can go about the whole thing. You do need to follow the instructions accurately to ensure a smooth period of usage.

These are generally very comfortable to work with and have a good seating arrangement to ensure they can use these to adhere to long hours of yard work.

The mower is equipped with an auto choke engine which makes it easier to start mowing, and it can even provide a clean trim while you go in reverse.

There is no stopping this monster! 

Husqvarna Z142 riding mower

Husqvarna Z142 riding mower


  • 17 HP Kohler engine installed. 
  • Has a good 42-inch cutting width.
  • Made of heavy flat-stock steel for increased durability. 
  • You can choose between multiple forms of discharging of the clippings. 
  • Mulching bag addition is not included in the package. 
  • Has air-induction technology which makes cutting easier. 
  • A good investment. 


This is like the previous mower from the same company, but the only difference is the power of the engine which this is equipped with. The previous mower had a 24 HP power, and this is equipped with 17 HP, which is slightly lower in comparison.

The speed of the mower can still reach a good 6.5 miles/hr and provides superior control for the user in multiple ways. The mower can be turned in the direction required with ease but turning it hastily may cause some damage to the mud.

The mower overall is pretty easy to understand and maneuver and does not have an extended amount of problems—a good choice for everyday usage. 

Husqvarna MZ61 Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 Turn Mower


  • The item weighs 770lbs. 
  • Works well even in the rain. 
  • Has very sturdy figures, which allow this to be used in multiple conditions. 
  • 24 HP Kawasaki engine, which is sturdy and very reliable. 
  • Has a high back seat which has an armrest for elongated work hours. 
  • Can perform very well on long distances. 
  • Has a cutting width of 61 inches. 
  • Uses a 9-bushel triple bag for mulching. 
  • Has a fabricated 11-gauge steel cutting deck. 
  • Great in all weather conditions. 


This is a much better version of the previous lawnmowers, which are great for all weather conditions and can be used by the user at any given point.

These lawnmowers have a very good way of being controlled easily; these can also be installed with roll-over protection systems which may take a little time but are great and very handy once they’re installed.

This lawnmower is installed with a great engine that supports the whole body and makes sure it always provides a clean cut for the user every time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are questions that are frequently asked by people who wish to buy the best-rated commercial zero-turn mowers. 

What is the longest-lasting zero turn mower? 

Are you wondering which is the longest-lasting zero-turn lawn mower? Well, the Husqvarna MZ61 Turn Mower is a great option that you must consider when you are planning to purchase the commercial zero-turn lawnmower. 

Is zero-turn mower only used for longer yards? 

Zero-turn mowers are not always used for bigger yards since they are not available in only bigger sizes. These mowers come in multiple sizes and can be used for smaller yards as well.

Multiple sizes range from 34 inches to 72 inches in cutting deck sizes which can be used by anyone and everyone and not just people who have a bigger lawn. 

How does a zero-turn lawn mower turn around? 

To make continuous turns while driving forward, essentially push one controlling switch somewhat farther forward than the other guiding switch.

To make a delicate go to one side, keep the left directing switch marginally farther forward than the correct switch.

To turn left, keep the correct guiding switch marginally farther forward than the left switch.

To control all the more strongly, move the directing switches farther separated while making turns.

Why should I buy a zero-turn lawnmower instead of a lawn tractor? 

Well, to be fair, a lawn tractor has its perks, but a zero-turn mower is much faster and at much easier to use in general.

A zero-turn mower can simply be turned on every corner and can continue to mow the lawn at the same speed where you need to invest time in maneuvering the whole tractor to cut the second lane.

Some zero-turn mowers also have the ability to cut the lawn while they’re moving in reverse, which makes things a lot easier in general. 

Why are lawnmowers a lot more expensive than a lawn tractor? 

A lawnmower is much sleeker and has a lot more accessibilities as compared to a whole law tractor. They’re faster, easier to control, and can be used whenever and wherever without having a long wait to go through.

These lawnmowers are welded much stronger and have a lot more comfort to offer. They are a whole other deal that makes things extensively better for the user and ends up making things a lot more convenient, and that is what the original producers charge their customers for. 


These are some of the reasons and products that should make the buying process easier for you. These are our picks for the best-rated commercial zero-turn mowers. 

All of these can provide you with the top qualities which are needed to make lawn mowing more convenient for you. These mowers are quick and lightly handled and can be used with much convenience and comfort.

Though they are a little expensive, the long-time usage and warranties make the product worth it and should be a good investment.

All of these have specifications that make them good in their way. 

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