Best tires for zero turn mower

Affordable Tires for zero turn mower? Here are the top 5 picks!

You need to find the best and affordable tires for your zero-turn mower. You have landed at the right place.

All zero-turn mowers are not the same and don’t work equally. However, the tires can directly affect their performance. It all depends on choosing the right big mower for hills or extensive greenery and small mowers for small surfaces. Undoubtedly, the fun ride, quick work, tight turns, and maneuverability depend on the tires.

Don’t forget that they must be gentle for your grass and yard. After all, investing in the best tires for zero turn mower cannot ask for compromise on the look of your yards and tufts.

Let us dive into the comprehensive list and buying guide to find the best tires for a zero-turn mower.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider for buying best tires for zero-turn mower


Select the right tire size for your mower or garden vehicle for smooth operation, speed, and timely completion of tasks. It is a must to move on after measuring its rim diameter.

However, it is better to choose back and front tire that is diverse.

TIP: the smaller tires will be the perfect gear to let you go on the hills. Moreover, look for the size imprinted on the existing tires to buy the correct size.

Rear Tires

There is a heavy burden on the rear tires for zero-turn mowers. The driving of tires carries a significant portion of the engine’s and mower’s weight and maintains the grips and transmits power on the ground. It should all be done without destroying the greens.

Front Tires

To produce minimal friction between the tire of the mower and the land (grass), smooth front tires for zero-turn mower are perfect. It is ideal for sharp turns. Moreover, the smooth tires with minor grooves leave behind no marks or impressions or dig the lawns and grasses. It may cause gentle damage besides creating straight paths. 

You can choose the sizing in two manners. Let us have a look.

Two number sizing: it considers the tire’s width and wheel’s diameter. The tire’s width is equal to sidewall height. The tires are generally available in 4.80-8 size. 8 is the width, and 4.80 is the diameter. 

Three number sizing: 15 x 6.00-6″ is the other style. The first number is the full diameter without being positioned as wheel or inflated, after –x it is the tire’s width, and the last number represents the rim’s width. 

Ply Rating

The tires must have two-ply designs to drive out more powerful tasks and robust constructions. However, it will be fantastic to have four-ply designs. However, a six-ply design will be too much. 


Neither too lightweight nor too heavyweight tires on garden vehicles are suitable. There will be no proper distribution with lightweight tires.

Moreover, you cannot even ride the mowers conveniently. So for high kickbacks required by garden vehicles, you must average weighted tire.

Tread Design

There is a diverse range of tread designs in the tires. Everyone has a different lawn size and use of a zero-turn mower. Some may have sloppy hills, and others may have flat and small grassland. 

The big biters, along with the depth of large treads, can work perfectly. However, tiny biters are available in the small biters. However, the curve designs are also a great choice if they work perfectly.  

Slick (flat) tires are ideal for flat turf. With no traction, these are turf-friendly and lead to no damage. However, you cant use these on hills, mainly mud or wet turf.

Ribbed tires differ the slick tires in terms of circumferential grooves. It provides a good grip for sideways. It is preferable for front tires where you need less traction.

Turf saver designs are suitable for low hills with less mud. It provides less traction without damaging the turfs.

Knobby tires are for all terrains with more traction. These are ideal for steep slopes and hills as well as wet and dry places. However, they can work in deep mud as well. However, they can cause damage to the turf.

Large lugs are a good choice for heavy-duty vehicles. However, they can damage the turf because of being less gentle.


The best tires for zero-turn mower must have quality material. Look for elastic and pneumatic tires to be strong and withstand tough jobs. It is because they are made up of solid material.

MARASTAR 00242 Lawn Mower Tires

MARASTAR 00242 Lawn Mower Tires


Having a lawnmower and not knowing about flat-free tires till now? How can we let you live without such an easy exchange? These tires are most considered as a one-time purchase. They are made up of solid material and do not go flat in even months. They have a width of 5.9 inches, and the diameter from the outside is 13.2 inches.

They are not ordinary tube and rubber tires. They tend to roll easily on any surface as they are made up of hard steel in black color. The next best thing for you to know is that it has the sintered bushing, which is of iron.

These tires have made your work and efforts so much simpler as it provides you a convenient exchange or replacement without any hassle. It comes with a complete kit that includes every possible thing that you may require.

It has iron bushings, washers, nylon spacers of size 2.25 inches and 2.5 inches.  


  • Brand’s name: Marastar
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Dimensions: (13.2 x 5.9 x 13.2) inches
  • Model number: 00242-2 Pack

Marathon Lawn Mower Tires

Marathon Lawn Mower Tires


This is something that you can call sturdy and your partner for long-term use. These are again the flat-free tires that will not give you any more stress than inflatable tires, and you can literally drive your lawnmower on any rough surface. They are dominating for the zero-turn lawn mowers as if they are meant for each other.  

Do not confuse yourself by just concentrating on the weight only. It is a plus point that these tires are light and easy to use. At the same time, the steel rims are proof of heavy-duty performance. You can easily adjust and use them with either brushings or bearings.

They are the perfect alternative as they give the proper feel of the tires with the tube and the peace of mind that they actually are flat-free, and they are the better version having the upper hand on other flat-free tires of the same kind.


  • Brand’s Name: Marathon Industries.
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds.
  • Dimensions: (12 x 12 x 6) inches.
  • Model Number: 01410P.
  • The number of batteries needed: None.
  • Length of Hub: 5 inches.

MARASTAR 00232 Lawn Mower Tires

MARASTAR 00232 Lawn Mower Tires


Today is the day for tubeless tires which are free from flatness. Although they do not have any lines and are plain, and because of that, it makes it hard to overcome even a rock or lips, it still has much to offer. They are the black steel constructed tires that will save your earnings from making the punctured tube again and again. 

They have a central hub of 3.4 inches with three by four-inch iron brushing. You should make sure first what type of tire will fit your lawn mower the best and then come out to get one. They are good and fit most of the lawn mowers of the same type. But if you get the wrong size, do not worry. They are here to serve you by taking back the tires and give you the right size. They are capable of carrying up the weight of around 300 lbs. capacity.  


  • Brand’s Name: Marastar.
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds.
  • Dimensions: (4 x 10.8 x 10.8) inches.
  • Model Number: 00232

Antego Tires and Wheels ATW 003

Antego Tires and Wheels ATW 003


Now, this is something that is for the one who is in this job or does the lawn mowing commercially. These are the tires that can give you maximum output no matter how rough the path is going to be.

These gigantic tires are what you need to get over with your muddy or bumpy track. They come in a pair of two tires, each of an outer diameter of 20 inches. These are the bigger ones that can avoid sticking in midway.

It could be either an advantage or a disadvantage that they are not quite light weighted that you should be worried of them not to stuck in between the rocks.

They are the versatile ones that will fit almost every famous brand you can remember the name of. Club car, Columbia, Yamaha, etc. You name it; these tires can work with it.


  • Brand’s Name: Antego
  • Weight: 37 pounds
  • Dimensions: (19 x 21 x19) inches
  • Model Number: ATW 003
  • Diameter of rim: 8 inches

MowerPartsGroup 4-Ply Tires

MowerPartsGroup 4-Ply Tires


These are the ones that do not use any tube that will inflate. They are tubeless, and they would not leave you alone anywhere. Secondly, they have ribbed treading, which makes a firm grip on the ground. There is one issue that is seal ineffectiveness. If you get it fixed, they can prove to be a great companion.


  • Brand’s Name: MowerPartsGroup
  • Rating of ply: 4
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: (13 x 11 x 11) inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy one or a pair of tires even if I need one?

You can buy one tire to replace it. But if the manufacturer is different, replace both of the tires.

When should I replace my tires?

Usually, the manufacturer mentions it. However, the tires may wear out fast if these are for hills.
In the following situations, you need to change your tire:
1. Tread depth deep
2. Hard riding on the hills
3. Bugles
4. Sidewall cracks

What is the difference between zero-turn tires?

The tread depth, size, and rim create the difference in the zero-turn tires. Also, the tiny and small diameter of the rim is preferable for front tires. Every design of tread is excellent and works differently.

Is there a difference between round and flat tires?

The round tires provide better traction but wear out faster. The zero-turn mowers got tires free from flat. These provide good turnout and rotation and minor wear out. However, these tires have a hard time sticking in the swamps.


To sum up, in few words, there are numerous tires around you. You can select the best tires for a zero-turn mower from the list. Undoubtedly, every tire is the best one. However, you must choose the one according to your needs, budget, taste, and preferences.

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