Can i put larger wheels on lawnmower?

Can I Put Larger Wheels on My Lawn Mower? (Find out)

Do you own a lawnmower and want to know how to put larger wheels on your lawn mower? lawnmowers are essential if you have a garden for its grass’s trimming. You might see people talking about its most useable and vital parts, such as its engine power or blade movement for optimal performance.

What you should also consider is your convenience of use and comfort. And for that, you should look at how the wheels of your lawnmower move. The lawnmower wheels can make a more significant impact on the performance capability as well. For instance, you should think about getting larger wheels for your lawnmower.

Can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower?

For the answer to this question, yes, you can change them. Not a lot of people know about how it can be done, but installation is possible. The thing you need to consider first is the size of the wheels you wish to install and your lawnmower type. If they fit well, then it is no big deal.

If not, then you might think about getting an axle for some other size. That indicates that you will be welding your lawnmower for the extension of your new tires. If you do not want to change the appearance by welding, you can have another alternative. Instead, do not change the whole wheels but only the tires. You can fit more extensive and thicker tube tires on your existing rims. We can talk about these components one by one.

Size of your wheels:

First of all, fitting bigger tires will occupy a larger space and make your lawnmower taller than before. If you are lucky, you may find the tires with the same width as the previous ones; otherwise, the only way is to weld your axle to make enough room for your new bigger wheels.

Changing of your tires:

Only going for the changing of tubed or tubeless tires is much easier. Here are some basic steps that most of your lawnmowers will include in their tire exchanging process:

  • To lift your tire or your lawnmower, you need a hydraulic jack to get the job done in its initial stage. 
  • Remove the wheel’s bolts with the help of a wrench.
  • If you wish to change the whole tubeless tire, take off the tire after taking off the bolts and change the tire. Put the tire which fits accurately on the axle and then tighten the bolts again.  

In tubeless tires,

  • You may have to take off the valves as well. Release all the air inside of the tire by loosening the stem.
  • Then comes the removal of your old tire. You can do it by breaking the bead of your rim.
  • The tire settles on the new rim. If you find it hard to fit, you can use some lubricant like detergent solution or grease. Consider a screwdriver to rest the edges of the rubber beneath the rim.
  • It is a safe side idea to put a strap on the edges; it will tell you when your tire is filled and when you start overfilling. It will also keep the air leaking away from your tire.
  • Get the valve system back again. Try to read the description provided by the manufacturer about how much air you should fill in the tire.
  • The final step is to take your wheel and fit it on the axle and tighten the bolts back.

Tubeless tires require a bit more effort to put in when changing the old tire to get new ones. This is probably the answer to your question, “Can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower.” It is the most common and easiest way to change your lawn mower tires to try yourself. If you do not have all the components to get the job done, you can take it to a tire shop.

The benefit of larger rear wheels in lawn mower:

The foremost advantage of getting bigger rear wheels to tires is that your lawnmower will easily roll over rough surfaces without bumping on any slight depression. For the smoother surfaces of the same level, a basic lawnmower would work fine but to move and turn on bumpy, uneven, and rough tracks, you need to have bigger rear wheels on your lawnmower.

Why is it bad to pull your lawn mower backward?

In easier words, lawn mowers are designed to work and trim your grass equally in a single forward-moving direction. If you try to drag it backward, your blades will start moving in reverse, and it can harm your grass cutting and make it uneven and absurd in looking. The grass that will be underneath your deck will not be able to discharge that time.

However, you can move the self-driven mower in the backward direction. But even for that, check if you have disengaged your motor and blade. Then you can move your mower in any direction you want. But do not forget that most of the lawn mowers are designed to move in the forward direction.  

How long do the lawn mower tires last?

This is one common question to answer. First of all, it usually depends upon the use of the individuals. The more you drag your tires on uneven surfaces, the sooner your tires will ask to get changed.

If you ask for getting an average estimation of their lives, they tend to last around 5 years approximately. Try to look for a recognizable and famous brand that is best known for its quality. It will keep a lot of tension and unfortunate accidents or conditions at the bay.

Lawn Mower Big Wheel with Kit:

How about we suggest you some good quality wheels that will go well with your mower. Arnold is a brand that takes good care of you when it comes to your lawnmower. They know what you can need for your outdoor equipment. They have launched 8 inches tires that will fit well in your lawnmowers. It does not matter whether it be from the brand of Honda, craftsman, Poulan, or any other recognizable brand; they will fit right in them. 

The kit they provide and can serve you with the tires other than the regular 8 inches tires. They are sturdy, easy to install, and will support mowing your garden for a longer period.


In this article, we tried our best to give you the proper explanation to the question “Can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower?” it is possible to change your tubed or tubeless tires to change. To change the whole wheel of some other size, you may have to weld your axle to fit accurately. Bigger wheels at the back will make you mowing quickly, and it will require much of your effort in dragging.

A piece of advice for you is that when you are thinking of changing the tires or wheels of your mower, keep in mind that the wheels should be of the same height. Otherwise, it will not give you a proper cutting of grass with equal length. 

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