Can you use synthetic oil in a Lawnmower


The lawn mowers have a chamber that should contain oil every time before use. Now the question arises of what oil is best for your lawn mower that can enhance the long life of the machine as well as improve the performance. The reason is that when you use oil that is not suitable for the engine, it will not be able to protect it. 

Using oil is healthy for your engine as it provides the prime source of fluidity between your lawn mower’s parts. It also leads to the long life of the engine and cuts down the wear and tear to ensure lesser expenses spent on the repair. You must pick the right oil that is suitable irrespective of the weather conditions and be able to function in hot or cold temperatures. 

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is the outcome of the petroleum process, which we usually extract from crude oil. Then it is converted with the help of artificial chemicals. The synthetic process makes the oil retain its form regardless of weather conditions.

Can You Use Synthetic Oil in a Lawn Mower?

The answer is yes; you can use synthetic oil for your lawnmower. The reason is that it usually lasts for a longer period of time than any other mineral oil. It is usually used for improving the consumption of aircraft, cars, and trucks. Therefore, it is safe to say that you can use it in your lawn mower too. You will not need to change the oil every now and then. It does not mean synthetic oil is the only option as there are other better options too, but it is safe to say synthetic oil is one of the options to consider.

Synthetic Oil Properties

Synthetic oil usually works well in certain environmental conditions without the need to add any additives. For instance, if you are using the 5W–30W oil, it is usually thick in cold temperatures and thin in warm seasons. We use additives to make them able to be used in all kinds of weather and temperatures. If the oil is getting too thick or thin, we add the additives to balance the concentration and consistency for better and longer use. However, the synthetic oil with additives still has a specific time span, after which you should change it and pour new oil. You should check the oil every once in a while to determine when to change it. If oil is changed in time there will be no issues regarding the performance of your engine. 

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Here, we are talking about the advantages of synthetic oil. We will tell you about the benefits of synthetic oil as well as why you should use it instead of mineral oil. Following are the points to consider:

  • It is even more slippery than other conventional oils, which means that it provides more lubrication for the engine’s moving parts. 
  • It makes the engine work in an efficient manner. 
  • It provides protection against different temperature extremes. Plus, you can also add additives to even enhance the oil’s life. 
  • It also attracts dust particles and other debris items. When you are changing your oil, it takes along all the dirt and particles out of your oil chamber and machine. 
  • It declines the breakdown of oil, so there will be no such requirement to change the oil very often. 
  • It is ideal for four-stroke engines to bear the temperature severity. 
  • They are not very likely to oxidize. 
  • Enables the turbocharges to perform and protect in a better way. 

What Is the Time to Change Synthetic Oil in Mowers?

When it is about to change the oil for the cars, we usually consider the miles or kilometers the car has driven. In the case of lawnmowers, try to keep a record of how many hours you are using your mower to trim your lawn grass. When your push mower is brand new, you should change the oil after using it for around 5 hours. The reason is marks of molds and other metal parts break in the start and start affecting the oil. Then, you should change it after 50 hours of use or at the start of the spring season when using it after a while. When you are using a riding mower in a dusty place, it is better to check it before using it and change it when it gets dirty. 

Synthetic Or Conventional Oil for Your Mower?

The sole reason why people prefer conventional oil over synthetic is the price cut down. Conventional oil is quite cheaper in rates, and hence, it is ideal for people who need a cost-effective solution and has small-sized lawns. Another reason is that if you are a person who trims the grass at the start of every season or once every month, then you should go for a cost-effective one. 

However, if you are looking to invest in a good quality option, synthetic oil for lawn mowers will serve you longer.

No matter whether you are using synthetic or conventional oil, the important factor is the amount of weight on the mower. There is straight or multi-weight oil that ranges in different temperatures. If you can keep a check on temperature, then get straight oil. Otherwise, it is better to get a multi-weight oil and make your life easier.


This will help you find the answer to “can you use synthetic oil in a lawn mower”? You can use synthetic oil for your lawnmower engine. In order to know about the oil to purchase, read the manual and figure out what he is recommending. For the use of small or mid-size lawns, you can use any oil that is comfortable and easy to get. There is no one who can guide you better about the right product than your manufacturer. They have designed your machine, and therefore, they know better than any other source. Follow what they are suggesting in the manual. If you are using your mower right and taking good care, you will not have to worry about changing the oil very often.  

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