High Wheel vs Low Wheel Lawn Mower (Complete Guide!)

If you are searching for a new lawnmower after a while or for the first time, it might be confusing. There are so many different options available that you must think that it is difficult to rest on a single one. A wide range of engine power, different parts that are easy to use, and many fancy designs will keep on adding to your list. 

We talk about all of it but do not pay much attention to the wheel size. Clearly, we are missing the most important debate of high wheel vs low wheel lawn mower

Usually, the standard lawnmowers which you operate by pushing from the back have a low wheel. We must say that it is not about which one is wrong. Both are optimal for their specific use. It is up to you to figure out what is your need and purpose. Your choice should consider the ground smoothness of your lawn. 

What is a High Wheel Mower? 

High wheels mean that the wheels you use in your mower come in a bigger size so that it makes your mower higher. Usually, the walk-behind mowers that we use contain the standard size wheels of 8 inches. Whereas, in high wheel mowers, the rear wheels are larger approximately of the size of 9 to 12 inches. 

In high wheel mowers, the bigger wheels make it easier to tilt it back and forth. It is also ideal for moving your mower on bumpy terrains. High wheels mowers are better and easier to move as they require less effort in pushing. In order to enjoy your gardening hobby, you might prefer a high wheel mower as it is more capable of turning anywhere. 

Advantages of High Wheel Mowers

Following are the benefits of getting a high wheel mower instead of a small wheel mower:

1. Easy Pushing

High wheel mowers, without any doubt, go into the sweat-less category as they make it easier to push them. This method of placing the uneven size of wheels is quite effective for this purpose. The reason behind it is that when your rear wheels complete their single rotation, your front wheels complete more than one and a half rotations. This efficiency even increases as you replace even bigger wheels in the back. In this way, you can push your mower easier than your regular mower with symmetric wheels. 

2. Rough Surface Mowing

If you live in hilly areas or you have a lawn with uneven ground level, your small wheel mowers will make your life hard. Whereas the high wheel mowers attain a higher position in this regard. It is because when you mow with small wheels, they will make you feel every dip, and it will also get quite harmful for your mower blades. The blades get quite close to the ground level, and it can hurt the blades and their effectiveness. The high wheels make it safe and do not let your blades touch the ground on uneven surfaces. 

3. Mowing On Hills

Having bigger wheels and making your mower tilted backward will clear the void of having a self-propelled mower. It will not ask for much physical effort to put in while mowing. It comes up with great help when you are mowing in hilly terrains. High wheels mowers are an impressive improvement for your mowing when you have slopes on your lawn.

4. Long Grass Cutting

It is a famous rule not to trim your grass more than one-third of your current length. It is applicable when you are paying proper attention to your lawn on a regular basis. When you are away and come back seeing the grass all overgrown, it will be a massive challenge for you. It will not be easy to get your grass back to its regular length with a small wheel lawnmower. In such a case, a high wheel mower will give you a helping hand. They keep the blades higher from the ground, and you can easily deal with long grass.

5. Mobility of Mower

The turning of your mower with the help of high wheels has never been this easier. Small wheel mowers have the engine mounted at the front part of the deck, and it hinders mobility. While the high wheels are not at all heavy and put no strain on your back. They are easy to move, and they are needed, especially in gardens where you want to protect the flower beds. The major advantage is that in order to go 180 degrees spinning, you do not have to lift your mower and move. It is a lifesaver in terms of saving up energy and time.

Disadvantages of High Wheel Mowers

Nothing is perfect in this world, and neither are the big wheel mowers. We should say that they are more preferable in the cases of small or mid-sized lawns. It puts much pressure on your deck. Therefore, there is a chance of it breaking earlier than expected time. They have the benefit of Achilles heels, but their rear wheels are not very supportive in long term. 

If you work past all that, there is another hurdle which is the bigger one for the price. As they bring such comfort to use, they ask for a bit more pennies from you. It is not such a big difference in numbers, though.


We have provided the right information to you on whether to go for a high wheel or low wheel lawnmower. High wheels are ideal for specific scenarios and come into action when the mowers with smaller wheel sizes fail. If your mower is doing well with wheels of small size, there is no need to change. But if you want an upper hand for mowing on slopes and greater mobility, then high wheels are the one for you.  

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