How to sharpen Riding Lawn mower blades without removing

Every house has lawn mowers as people don’t hire a gardener to do this job and pay them a hefty amount as they can easily do it by themselves. The lawnmower is a one-time investment, and it lasts very long. Lawnmowers are among the most commonly used garden equipment, but they must be sharpened to give your grass a magnificent appearance. At least it would be best if you sharpened your lawnmower blades twice a year, but it depends on the usage.

Many consumers might believe this is unneeded since their blades will still chop their lawn even if they are not sharpened. However, with old blades, the trim would be harsh, causing damaged ends on the edges of each grass. These can make your lawn appear brown faster, as well as make it more prone to insects and diseases. The lawn owner wouldn’t want that to happen. Sharp blades also make it easier to mow the lawn uniformly and fastly, resulting in a neatly green lawn.

In this article, we’ll tell you a step-by-step process about how to sharpen riding lawn mower blades without removing them. Let’s begin!

Step-by-Step Guide on how to sharpen riding lawn mower blades without removing:

  • Gather the necessary equipment.
  • The fuel tank must be sealed. Alternatively, if using an electric mower, switch off the power cable.
  • To secure the mower, bend it and insert the block below it on the opposite side. The lawnmower blade must be pointed in your direction.
  • Using water and a metal brush, wipe the blade.
  • To sharpen the cutting edge, you must use an angle grinder or a flat file.
  • Reduce the lawn mower’s speed.
  • Remove the gasoline tank’s cover.

Required Tools

Gather the necessary instruments and observe all safety procedures before beginning the process.
Tools required: a container of water, a solid block, a thin metal brush, a metal-bladed angle cutter, or a flat file.
Safety Equipment Required: Goggles and Cut-resistant gloves.
Place your mower on a smooth surface. The first step is to take out the plug. You will be able to prevent any random accident with this. Ensure the brake pedal is activated as well. When working on your lawn mower, you wouldn’t want it to begin rolling.

Seal the Tank

Remove the gas tank’s lid and use a plastic bag to seal the gas can. Put the cap in its original position afterward. While the lawn mower is inclined, it will ensure that gas has not spilled. Ensure the mower isn’t connected in if you are working on it.

Tilt the Mower

The lawnmower must be in a tilted position in a way that the blade is pointed towards you. The carburetor and gas tank should be at the top.

Restrain the Movement of Blade

It is vital to restrain the blade’s movement using a block. Ensure the blade doesn’t move when you’re working on it, as it can cut your hands.

Clean the Blade

Before beginning, you must clean the blade with the help of a metal wire brush to remove any rust or dirt. Also, ensure that the mower deck is also clean. Use a bucket of water, a wire brush, and a putty knife to clean the blades and the mower’s deck.

Sharpen the Mower’s Blade

After cleaning and doing all the procedures mentioned earlier, you must start with the most crucial step. It requires expertise as you need to be very careful, or you’ll end up hurting yourself. To sharpen the blade, you’ll need a blade sharpener or electric grinder. Carefully put it over the sharpened end of the blade. When sharpening, make sure to keep a suitable angle at all times. To complete the work, perform the technique on the opposite side after correctly sharpening the first side. Because you won’t be removing the blade from the mower, you’ll have to spend your time sharpening both sides equally.
Only move the grinder in one direction while sharpening the blade. It is also recommended to grind slowly and carefully instead of force or speed, using the full height of the grinder or metal file in each movement. When sliding the grinder, attempt to achieve a 45 ° angle at the edge.

Remove the Tank’s Seal

Lower the mower gradually when you’ve finished sharpening it. Reconnect the mower and remove the fuel tank cover, discard the plastic bag, and replace the lid if using a gasoline lawnmower.
This was the final phase in the process. Now you have spotless and sharpened blades, and you’re ready to go.

Useful Tips

We’ve also gathered some valuable tips that might come in handy next time you’re sharpening the blades of your lawnmower.

  • Make sure the gas tank is empty whenever you’re sharpening the mower’s blade.
  • Examine the grass blade on the line for evidence of breaking and split at the ends to determine if your blades are worn and if they need to be sharpened or not.
  • You’ll need to change the mower blade if it’s out of shape, twisted, cut all around, or the shaft hole is entirely ruined. Because the blades have been damaged beyond repair, they are no longer adequate for mowing your lawn.
  • If the blades are nicked, use a grinder to sharpen them.
  • Sometimes if the blade is not balanced correctly, it’ll make noise, and to fix that, you must carefully put the blades in a balanced position.


After reading this article, now you’re fully aware of how to sharpen the blades of a lawn mower without removing them. This procedure is so simple, and with the help of minimal tools, you can easily sharpen the blades by yourself without hiring any third party and paying them $20-$60. You can save your money. You can keep your lawn clean and fresh by mowing it often.

The process, as mentioned above, is simple and basic, and the overall health of your lawn will be protected. This simple process of blades sharpening won’t make you weary. 

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