How to change blades of zero turn mower

How to change blades on a zero-turn mower? (With 5 simple steps)

If you are not focusing on maintaining the zero-turn lawnmower, you will eventually find the functionality lowering down. Therefore, you must understand how to change blades on zero turn mower.

There are different types of lawnmowers available in the market that you can choose from. One of the most famous categories is a zero-turn lawnmower that uses three blades for better and more efficient functioning.

For tough lawn mowing jobs, it is important that you use the zero-turn lawnmower. But it is also important that you keep in mind to remove and change the blades if they are worn out.

While you are wondering how you can proceed with changing the Blades of the zero-turn mower, we can help you out. Let’s find out the easy steps that can help you for quick changing of the blades.

Tools Required:-

  • Socket or Wrench box
  • Block of wood
  • Blades that need to be replaced

Simple and easy steps to follow

Place it on the level surface.

The first thing has to be for you to place the zero-turn lawnmower on a surface that is smooth and fully leveled. Also, make sure that you are raising the deck and setting the parking brakes to ensure that the blades of the lawnmower are perfectly placed for easy access.

Hold the blades

Now the next step has to be to hold the blade and stop them from rotating. This can be done by lying down right next to the lawnmower.
You can also place the wrench box of one and a half inches to ensure that there is enough shaft available.

Loosen up the Bolt

After you have made sure that the blades are no longer rotating, you can loosen up the bolt by rotating it in the counterclockwise motion.
However, before that, it is better that you place the socket on the blade. When there is a socket set on the blade bolt, the anticlockwise motion will be possible.

Now the blade bolt needs to be inserted.

Now what you can do is use the spring washer to insert the bolt blade. You can also adjust the assembly of the bolt by using the holes of the blades.
It is also important that you focus on the curved edges of the blade. These curved edges need to be placed towards the upper side when the blade is installed.

Finish the installation.

For the final step, you will have to adjust the assembly of the blade by lining up the blade bolt using the threaded holes available on the blade and the spindle.
You can use your fingers to tighten up the bolt, and once that is done, you can now use the wrench box to ensure the blades are tightened up in the appropriate position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the blades of the lawnmower without removing the deck?

Removing and changing the blades of the lawnmower is no rocket Science. You can easily remove the blades of the lawnmower, but to remove the blades of the zero-turn lawn mower, it is better that you remove the deck as well.
You can also lift the lawnmower and remove the blades.

How to jack up a zero-turn mower?

When you have a zero-turn lawnmower, you would know how important it is to maintain your lawnmower. You will also need to understand the procedure to jack up the zero-turn mower.
Here we are to help you with the easy steps in the procedure to jack up the lawnmower:-
1. The first step has to be to place the zero-turn lawnmower to lift the lawnmower at the highest position. The deck has to be above the regular height, and then you can easily slide the jack in the middle of the lawnmower just under the deck towards the front.
2. Now slowly and carefully the jack that you have placed under the deck. It is better that you raise it, as high as possible. Also, remember that you will have to place the jack under the lawnmower on both sides of the deck.
3. Lastly, you will have to wait until the lawnmower is properly fixed and maintained, so you can slowly and carefully lower down the jack and then remove it.

These were a few simple and easy steps that you must follow whenever you are planning to change the blade or for maintaining the zero-turn lawnmower.

A few other safety measures that you should take

  • Learn about the weight capacity of the jack before you place it under the zero-turn lawnmower. It is important that the jack capacity is greater than the weight of the lawnmower.
  • When you are placing the jack under the lawnmower, you must check the placement of the spark plug. You should also check the fuel tank and if the placement of the jack can be dangerous.
  • Before you finally place the jack under the deck, you should also check if the battery of the lawnmower is sealed properly or not.

These few of the safety measures can save you from bigger trouble. Just make sure you are lifting the lawn more slowly and carefully.


You must understand that maintenance is important, whether it is a zero-turn mower or any other type of lawnmower. If you are not maintaining it properly, it will not last for a long time.

Make sure that you are taking care of the blades and check whether or not the blades are worn out. If the blades are damaged and need replacement, it is better to change the blades immediately.

For better and even more effective results, high-quality blades are the best. Moreover, changing the blades would not require a lot of effort.

Make sure you are taking professional help if you do not know a lot about the maintenance of the zero-turn lawnmower.

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