How To Cut Grass Without A Lawnmower? (Complete Guide!)

Are you stressed out about the thought of how to cut grass without a lawnmower? We have seen many people finding answers in this regard. We are here to make this problem of yours easier.

Your lawn is one of the most common parts of your house. It is there to increase the beauty and value of your house. Having a lawn where you can sip your tea while watching kids playing around makes it a must-have. But only the one who has it knows how much attention and effort it asks for to make it look pleasant to your eyes. 

Gas-powered lawn mowers are the traditional way to cut your grass on a regular basis. But the issue is its maintenance, technicalities of operating it, and environmental pollution. Secondly, they could be much more expensive to purchase and then retain. When you see your grass growing up, and there is no option to use a lawn mower, do not stress yourself out. We will tell you some amazing ideas that will make your life much easier. 

How to Cut Grass Without a Lawnmower?

Following are the tools through which you can cut grass without a lawn mower:

Method 1: String Trimmer

There is this one great disadvantage of power mowers, and that is the size. Not everyone has the proper space to store them properly in their yards and fields. Plus, it is not always convenient to empty a bag before using it. It could be messy while making everything green when in contact. This is the place where the string trimmers take the edge from lawn mowers. They are long and thin, which makes them handy, easy to carry, and do not consume much space. Another benefit is that they are now coming with batteries to be cordless, making the use even more portable. 

There are some key points that you must keep in mind:

  • Always cut your grass when it is not wet. It is better to wait until the early morning dew is all dried out. 
  • It is beneficial to have a cordless trimmer, or you can get a cord to extend your full lawn range. 
  • They are for the comfort of use; therefore, try to hold with a hand near the throttle button and the other one on the assist bar. 
  • Lower down the head to make proper contact with the ground. Use it with side to side motion. 

Method 2: Scythe

It is still not surprising that there are people who are following the old-school ways to trim their lawn grass. For such enthusiasts, the use of a scythe is not fading anytime soon. For those who are unaware, it is a long blade of a sharp metal attached to a stick of considerable length. This stark curved blade cuts in a back-and-forth motion. Many might have forgotten it, but it has served effectively over the previous years and still is for some. You can keep them along with a mower as you can use it to trim tall grass or a specific piece of your lawn where your mower can’t clog. 

There are some key points that you must keep in mind:

  • It is ideal for cutting the grass of lengths up to 2 feet. All you need to do is stand in a convenient way while holding your scythe in a horizontal position. 
  • When you are cutting the grass in a back-and-forth motion, you will feel your hips and thigh muscles in action more. 
  • In order to get the perfect cutting, you must hold the edge parallel to the ground. Try to continue the practice till the grass is leveled. After using that, you will not need any other tools or devices for grass cutting. 

Method 3: Herbivore Animals

If you are too busy to pay proper attention and time to your lawn, do not worry. People like you do not trim their grass themselves. Instead, they let a friendly herbivore do it for them. Especially goats, they leave them in the field and let them do the job. It is quite a common practice in the rural areas where they let the herbivore mammal level the grass on a daily basis. You might see it surprising in your urban areas, but if you keep one for this job you would receive many benefits, it would not be a bad idea at all. 

There are some key points that you must keep in mind:

  • It could be an idea, especially for those who have large lawn areas in their backyards, to have livestock trim their grass. 
  • You can pet chickens or goats for this purpose. They both are good for this job and friendly to humans. 
  • You must know how to take good care of them, and you can use them for the gain of meat as well. 

Method 4: Shears

There is another method to level out your grass. It might be detailed and time-consuming practice, but there is nothing that can beat this one in terms of accuracy. In simpler words, shears are large-sized scissors containing blades on both sides, and you can use them by holding them with both of your hands. In this method, you maneuver your body and get knee pads to sit and cut down the grass. This one does the grass of a specific area, so it is not ideal for impatient people or for those having little time. But for those who want their lawn grass symmetrical, it is the best replacement for a lawn mower. 

There are some key points that you must keep in mind:

  • Put the blades parallel to the ground and sit on your knees, holding shear with both of your hands.
  • You squeeze with both your hands and open and close the blades for them to function.
  • Use it to cut small areas of your lawn one at a time. 


These are the important points you should consider when you want to know how to cut grass without a lawnmower. We tried our best to give you more ideas to cut your grass without the need to have a power mower. We hope this guide helped you to find the solution of how to cut grass without a lawn mower.

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