How To Get Water Out Of Gas Tank Lawnmower?


Lawn mower maintenance is essential for maintaining its performance. Usually, we face a question: how do we get water out of the gas tank of a lawn mower? It is a common query that many of you also have. So here, we will share a compelling guide about the solution of water in a gas tank and the reasons for getting water into the tank of a lawn mower.

If you are also in the same situation, keep reading and find the solution.

Initially, keep in mind that the lawn mower has three essential elements: air, spark, and fuel. The lawnmower filter handles these elements, requiring regular cleaning or replacement. You can deal with the spark by cleaning the spark plug, and the air is also not an issue.

The proper gas distribution is essential to maintain. The primary reason for this situation is that water may get into the gas tank when you don’t use the lawn mower for a long time.

Reasons for water in your Lawnmower gas tank

It is a common issue that gas tanks get water. Usually, the water gets into the gas tank after heavy rain. The other common reason is that the gas starts picking the water when stored in a metal container and warmed up during winter or gets cold at night.

The standard process leads the vacuum to pull the moist air into the tank and condense it at the bottom of the tank. So when you start mowing during the spring season, after a long break, the first thing to get into the gas tank is water.

Signs of water in the gas tank of the Lawnmower

It is essential to know about the signs of water in the gas tank of a lawn mower. Don’t panic and start working without assessing the symptoms of water in the gas tank.

Here are the common signs that help you know about the water in the gas tank, and then you can take the appropriate steps.

Sign 1: Difficult to start

When the gas tank has water that makes it start hard, the lawnmower’s gas tank is the main problem. So when you begin to start the engine, that water will come into the carburetor before the fuels. Moreover, if you are not using the mower for a long time or the whole season, it also causes starting issues. In this case, more water is present at the bottom of the tank.

Sign 2: Poor performance of Lawnmower

When there is a low amount of water in the gas tank, it starts quickly without disturbance. But after that, it starts surging the accelerator and affects the lawnmower’s performance. Moreover, in some cases, the engine soon dies under the workload. So the best solution is to disassemble the lawn mower and let the small water fractions dry.

Sign 3: Running and Stopping

As we already said, when there is low water in the fuel tank, it will start quickly. The standard water fractions didn’t disturb the spark plug and let the engine run smoothly.

However, the problem appears when the engine works sometimes, and water uptake also mixes with the fuel supply. It reduces the running capacity of the mower. Sometimes the mower stops, and you need to start it again.

Sign 4: Fuel system damage

You may not be able to spot the minor damages in your lawn mower at the beginning. But it will cause significant injuries like hitting the fuel system. So if you start noticing the performance issues, check the engine for its operational and structural problems.

Steps to get water out of gas tank Lawnmower

Now you know about the signs of water in the lawnmower’s gas tank. So it’s time to take the appropriate steps for maintaining its performance and reliability.

So let’s dive into these essential steps.

Here are some essential steps that you can follow and get the water out of the gas tank lawn mower to protect its efficiency.

Check the Tank

The first step is to check the gas tank of the lawn mower. As the water sinks into the bottom of the gas tank, you need to see inside with the flashlight. It helps you to spot water quickly. Moreover, it is also essential to bring the lawn mower indoors and then examine the water at the lower parts of the tank. If your gas tank has water, you can quickly notice the bubble-like globules of liquid.

Drain Contaminated Fuel

The next step is to drain out the fuel from the tank and let it dry completely. If you want to protect your lawn mower, take immediate action and drain the energy.
Ensure that your gasoline tank is empty and disconnect it with the fuel line. Remove the diluted gasoline and deposit it in the recycling station. You need to dry the tank with a small rag or use the spray drier or compressed air. Once the tank is dry entirely, reconnect the fuel line and refill the tank with new and fresh gasoline.

Service the Engine contaminated with water

If you didn’t find the water in the gas tank of the lawn mower, it is also better to clean them. Ensure that you remove the spark plug before starting the cleaning process.
Now remove the carburetor and check the moisture level in the combustion chamber. You can add the engine oil to the piston chamber to coat its walls with a protector. Clean and dry all the engine parts thoroughly and then add the fresh gasoline to start the mower. If there is some moisture at the bottom or walls, it will automatically dry after running the engine.


After discussing how to get water out of a gas tank lawnmower, you may find it an easy-to-follow process. Yes, it is a simple process but still needs proper care and handling during the work. Ensure that all the parts are correctly dry before reassembling them. You can remove the water from your lawn mower gas tank at home by following the above-mentioned steps of assessment and repair. 

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