How to level husqvarna lawnmower deck?

How to Level a Husqvarna Lawn Mower Deck? (for Beginners)

Do you know how to level a Husqvarna lawn mower deck? Here, we will let you know every possible information about the deck of your lawnmowers.

First of all, let us tell you what is a deck in lawnmowers and what purpose does it serve? The main motive of a lawn mower’s deck is to keep you safe as well as your engine from the blades and the debris that the blades leave out. It is usually composed of a sturdy and metallic body for durable use, and that is able to serve the purpose right.

That metal should also be resistant to rusting and corrosion so that it stays with your lawnmower for a long time. Its size is adjacent and dependent on the size of your mower and the duty it can give you, either light, medium, or heavy-duty.

It is a piece of advice to you to check your deck every now and then that it is not loose. If your deck starts getting loose, it will come in contact with the blades interrupting the cutting, and eventually will end up making your grass cutting and finishing absurd and incomplete and will also damage your deck as well.

As a result, your engine will not be working as properly as before.

Leveling of your lawn mower’s deck:

Counting on your mower’s type, you can adjust your Husqvarna lawn mower deck. This adjustment will also give you access to make the blades of your lawnmower go up or down for the appropriate cutting of your field or garden’s grass.

If you buy a Husqvarna mower from their store or online, they will make it attached firmly to your mower’s frame, which will avoid all chances of your deck’s loosening.

However, the rusting of your tools and equipment due to humidity can cause it to get loose. Therefore, you should check if your deck starts loosening.

Here are some easy steps for you that will make it quite clear and effortless for you to understand. But first, you should know about the tools that you are going to need.

Necessary required tools:

  • A 3-quarter inch wrench.
  • 11/16 inches wrench.
  • A tape for measurement.
  • A 3-quarter inch socket.
  • An air pumping compressor for tires’ air (optional)

How to do it?

Make sure the ground on which your mower is parked is flat and leveled.

  • First of all, check the tires’ air pressure with the meter. If it is equal, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you should make them because all of the effort to level your deck will be of no use if the tires’ air is not at an equal level.
  • You should take the height adjustment so that you will know if there is any play in the linkages. Move your deck up and then downwards. Measure the distance between your edge of the deck to the ground from the rear tires.
  • Near the left side rear tire beneath the body, you will find the way of height adjustment of Husqvarna mowers. It contains a 3-quarter inch nut, so you will use that wrench to move the deck. You can also use the adjustable wrench if you have, but we prefer if you can purchase or borrow the socket. That will make the work super quick and easy.
  • Start adjusting the deck. Moving it clockwise will make it go up from that side. Pivoting and moving it counterclockwise will make it come down. Start moving the nut and keep on measuring until you get the exact measurement from every side.
  • For the front side adjustment, bend down, and you will see a bar in between the cover of the engine and the front edge of your deck. This rod is responsible for leveling the deck from the front.
  • There you will find two nuts; one is the lock nut, and the other one is the adjustable nut. The adjustable nut will be the 3-quarter inch. Again, take the measurement before moving the nut. The deck should be lower, about 8 and a half inches from the rear.
  • If you see any mismatch in the calculations, take the 11/16 wrench and lose the lock nut and do the same to the adjustable nut. Make it come to the right distance from the front and back. Now it is time to tighten up the lock nut again. Your deck is ready to go back into action.


Although there is no such rocket science in the overall process, however, we want to put forward some concerns that will make your adjustment really easy and quick.

  • When you take the measurement, make sure your scale is good enough and take the accurate measurement from the ground, or all this hard work will be wasted. 
  • Try to get the socket because to the back, it might be fine to do it, but for the front, it is really hectic and a daunting task to move the nuts. The sockets will fit right and make it accessible and faster.

Husqvarna YTH24K48 mower deck adjustment

This model will have a similar way of leveling your deck. You will repeat the same process described above. Husqvarna has the same function and procedure for your deck leveling. The thing you need to ensure is that you should keep a count of the turns that you are giving to both sides. It will make things painless and simple for you.

You will get the best and most accurate and precise measurements if you somehow manage to measure the deck right from the bottom. Most people do not have such resources to access it from there, so you should try measuring the sides.

Final verdict:

We have given you brief step-by-step instructions to level your deck in the easiest way. Husqvarna is a good brand and will go with you for a long time. The deck will not give you any hassle or tension if you keep it in the right position.

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