how to make hydrostatic lawnmower faster?

How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? (With Pulley Swap)

Unlike traditional mowers, a hydrostatic lawn mower relies on hydraulics rather than gears and belts. A hydrostatic transmission made up of a hydraulic motor and pump is used to power up the mower. It enables you to mow using various speeds. But just like any other machine, it can slow down when it requires maintenance. Don’t worry; if your hydrostatic lawnmower has slow down; this content is dedicated to how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster so let’s move directly toward the main topic without any further ado:

An Ultimate Guide; To make Hydrostatic Lawnmower Faster:

In a hydrostatic lawnmower, fuel oil carries energy from the engine to the wheels, so it is advised to keep the regular maintenance of your mower to avoid any major replacement. The parts of hydrostatic lawnmower that require regular maintenance include:

  • Tires might cause slow movement if the air pressure is not the same in all.
  • Air Filter, as it can block the air if dirty.
  • Inspect oil levels regularly.

Besides tires, air filter, and inspecting oil level whenever you use the mower, consider the following to avoid any malfunction from your hydrostatic lawnmower.

As already mentioned, the hydrostatic mower relies a lot on fuel to operate, so it is advised to use good quality and appropriate fuel. Look into the manual to find the most suitable fuel for your lawnmower.

Check the Leakages and Damages:

Inspect all the connections of the mower after or before using it, as even a minute leakage or damage can cause damage to the machine. Also, it can lower the speed of the lawnmower.

If you have checked all the possibilities mentioned above and you are affirmative about the replacements or modifications, follow the instructions below:

Replace the Tires:

As compared to small tires, large ones have a larger circumference. Also, it enables you to cover more space in relatively more minor time. However, you need to be careful while replacing the tires as if they will increase the excessive gap between the deck and ground can end up in glitches in cutting grass.

Replace or Sharpen the Mower’s Blade:

If you want the mower to mow faster, you need to keep the blades sharper. The gravel and stones sometimes make the blade blunt or can even damage it. Examine the blade; if it is damaged, replace it as soon as possible otherwise, sharpen it to get the desired results.

Examine the Governor:

If you know a little bit about the technicalities, you would know that the governor limits motor and engine power rotation. To increase the mower’s efficiency and make the motor rotate smoothly, simply remove the governor.

Installing a Larger Pulley:

DIY, if you are a pro. You can visit the manufacturer’s website to ask any query regarding installing a larger pulley to your mower, or you can ask for assistance from an experienced person.

However, if you are convinced to install the larger pulley, move to the larger size slowly. If your lawnmower has 3 inches’ pulley, you can upgrade it to 3.5. Avoid jumping to 5 directly after 3, as it can be dangerous.

Lawn Mower Pulley Swap Chart:

The speed of the hydrostatic lawnmower can surge enormously. Some of the pulleys are keyed while others are splined. You can google the model of your Hydrostatic lawnmower or get to the manufacturers’ website.

Below is the lawn mower pulley swap chart:

3 Inches Engine Pulley :-

Trans PulleyPulley RatioSpeed
3 inches1.00021.50-34.60
3.5 inches0.85718.43-29.66
4 inches0.75016.13-29.66
4.5 inches0.66714.34-23.07
5 inches0.66012.90-20.76
5.5 inches0.54511.72-18.86
6 inches0.50010.75-17.30
6.5 inches0.4629.93-15.98

3.5 Inches Engine Pulley :-

Trans PulleyPulley RatioSpeed
3 inches1.16725.09-40.38
3.5 inches1.00021.50-34.60
4 inches0.87518.8-30.27
4.5 inches0.77816.73-26.92
5 inches0.70015.05-24.22
5.5 inches0.63613.67-21.99
6 inches0.58313.67-20.17

4 Inches Engine Pulley :-

Trans PulleyPulley RatioSpeed
3 inches1.33328.66-46.12
3.5 inches1.14324.57-39.54
4 inches1.00021.50-34.60
4.5 inches0.88819.09-30.72
5 inches0.80017.20-27.68
5.5 inches0.72715.63-25.15
6 inches0.66714.34-23.08
6.5 inches0.61513.22-21.28

4.5 Inches Engine Pulley :-

Trans Pulley Pulley Ratio Speed
3 inches1.50032.25-51.90
3.5 inches1.28627.65-44.50
4 inches1.12524.19-38.93
4.5 inches1.00021.50-34.60
5 inches0.90019.35-31.14
5.5 inches0.81817.59-28.31
6 inches0.75016.13-25.96
6.5 inches0.69214.88-23.95

5 Inches Engine Pulley :-

Trans Pulley Pulley RatioSpeed
3 inches1.66735.84-57.68
3.5 inches1.42930.73-49.44
4 inches1.25026.88-43.26
4.5 inches1.11123.89-38.45
5 inches1.00021.50-34.60
5.5 inches0.90919.54-31.47
6 inches0.83317.91-28.82
6.5 inches0.76916.53-26.60


  • After completing the modification or replacement process, don’t forget to check the entire lawnmower.
  • Detach the accessories like dethatches.
  • Check all the acquaintances cautiously.
  • Always wear gloves and safety clothes to avoid any unpleasant happening.

How to make a hydrostatic lawn mower mover faster?

To make a hydrostatic lawn mower move faster:

  • Check the air pressure in the tires,
  • Examine the air filter,
  • Inspect oil level regularly,
  • Replace the tires,
  • Replace or sharpen the blades,
  • Remove the governor,
  • Install a larger pulley.

How fast can a lawn mower move with a pulley swap?

A pulley swap can tremendously improve the speed of a lawnmower. You can do it yourself if you are a pro, otherwise seek assistance.

It transmits power to remote areas,

Gives you dynamic brake,

It has high power-to-weight ratio

Final Verdict:

The hydrostatic lawn mower is relatively expensive and also requires more maintenance. As described in the content, fuel is essential in a hydrostatic lawnmower to move fast and smoothly. Also, all the related information is provided. You can do it all by yourself as by now you know how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower move faster. We hope this guide was helpful. Good Luck.

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