How to start a lawnmower without Primer Bulb?

How to start a lawnmower without Primer Bulb? (Secret Revealed!)

A primer bulb is an essential part of starting the lawnmower, but what if it’s not working? Do you face the same issue? Don’t worry. We are here to hold your back. A lawnmower is a machine that often needs a carburetor for functioning. These small machines don’t have the space to accommodate the backup. So primer bulbs act as the replacement to ensure the functionality of the lawn mover. Moreover, it works as an engine by sending the gas to the lawnmower carburetor bowl, but this bowl is empty most of the time. So what to do if you need to know, How to start a lawnmower without a primer bulb

There are many ways to turn on or start the lawnmower without a primer bulb. For proper functioning of the lawnmower, you need to have some backup in case there is an issue with the primer bulb. 

Here we will discuss in detail the lawnmower working without a primer bulb. 

So let’s dig into it for details. 

What is a primer bulb?

Machines have a choke plate, but some devices also consist of primer bulbs like lawnmowers. The primer bulb is made out of rubber available in the carburetor. It is easy to operate and work as a key in starting the lawn mover. However, the primer bulb requires fuel from the engine for proper working. It would be best if you pressed it, and the lawn mover starts working, so there is no easy way to operate the lawn mover. 

Moreover, it is prone to damage like a choke or any other damage. But it is not difficult to operate a lawnmower without a primer bulb. You can choose an alternative method out of many options to start your mover. But it is essential to use a primer bulb with lawnmower for effective working. 

How to tell if the primer bulb is not working?

The lawnmower has different working parts that get damaged while using. Similarly, lawnmowers fail to wore due to different reasons. But there are three that are common and critical in primer bulb damage. So here we will discuss some common causes that tend to stop the lawnmower. 

Cracked Primer Bulb

A primer bulb is a small piece of rubber or plastic that tends to break, crack, or be torn more quickly than any other part. The cracked primer bulb cannot spray the fuel in the carburetor to stop the lawnmower from starting or moving. 

Clogged Primer Filters

The primer filter is the place from where the primer bulb takes the fuel. So if it is blocked or clogged, there is no way for the gas to reach a carburetor. So if the carburetor stops the primer bulb from working, the lawnmower stops simultaneously. 

Cold Primer

When a lawnmower didn’t come into work for a long time, there is a high chance of primer bulb damage. So lawnmower didn’t start even you try it hundreds of times. A lawnmower requires an adequate supply of fuel. So an old, old mover may have a lack of fuel or cold primer that didn’t allow it to start it for work. 

How to start a lawn mover without a primer bulb? 

Many different ways are available to start the lawnmower without a primer bulb. So it is easily possible to start the lawnmower if your primer bulb is also broken. It is not a challenging task as it only takes five to seven minutes. Moreover, it doesn’t require heavy tools, but all you need is a screwdriver, fuel, gloves, and goggles for eye protection. 

So here is one of the easiest and quick methods that is also a reliable alternative for starting the mover without a primer bulb. 

  1. Find the air cleaner of lawnmower near the engine or maybe clipped with it. Choose a suitable method to remove the air cleaner. You need to be more careful while removing the air cleaner nearing the engine so memorize its location actively.
  2. After removing the air cleaner, housing is clear. Take the fluid and spray it inside the hole after removing the air cleaner. 
  3. Now quickly and actively place the air cleaner and replace the lawnmower cover. Ensure that you are quick enough while placing back the air cleaner because the starter fuel tends to evaporate with the external environment or air exposure. So don’t be swift in your reaction and take quick action. 
  4. Now you can use the lawnmower as it ready for working without a primer bulb. 

So it is a super easy and reliable method that didn’t require much of your time. but ensure that you are careful while replacing the air cleaner 

Precautions to remember

Here are some essential points for the protection and assurance of your safety. 

  • Don’t forget to wear gloves, and googles for your safety
  • Go through the user manual of the lawnmower to avoid the unpleasant incidents
  • Keep your kids away from the lawnmower while you are opening it for repairing the parts
  • Carefully remove the screwdrivers for personal protection. 

Final thoughts 

So how to start a lawn mover without a primer bulb? It is an easy and quick method that didn’t require any specific technology. But you only need to be fast when dealing with starting fuels. Lawnmower starting fuel consists of a volatile substance that is quickly evaporating. So you need to follow the steps mentioned above actively and speedily. 

Hopefully, this article will remove all our queries regarding starting a lawnmower without a primer bulb. 


Do all lawnmowers have a primer?

No all lawnmowers don’t have the primer, as some machines also have the choke plate. The primer bulb is located in the carburetor that starts moving the lawnmower.  

Why is my carburetor not getting gas?

The carburetor didn’t have enough gas or don’t work due to the inlet block, plugged fuel filters, chokes primer bulb, and many more. 

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