How to tighten drive belt on craftsman lawnmower?

How to Tighten Drive Belt On Craftsman Lawn Mower? (6 helpul steps)

Having a lawn mower is a great addition to your professional gardening equipment. But that sure needs proper maintenance. Do you know How to tighten the drive belt on a Craftsman lawn mower?

No, right! Don’t worry. We will walk you through the process.

What is Lawn Mower used for?

A Lawnmower can effectively make any large lawn look striking and artistic. It comes with various blades to shave the grass in one’s desired shape and size. The lawn mower has different parts, including engine, motor, wheels, mower blades, cutter deck housing, drive system, and blade mounting. The further drive system has an integral part called the drive belt. Here we will discuss how to Tighten Drive Belt On Craftsman Lawn Mower and the integral problems that your lawn mower might face due to a loosened belt.

What is the Purpose of Drive Belt in Mover?

A drive belt is an indispensable part of the lawnmower. Besides keeping the machine on, it connects the engine crankshaft with the transaxle pulley. Moreover, this belt makes the rear wheels’ spin. The breakage or default in the drive belt results in the passive movement of the mower.

The minor defaults in the belt being ignored might end up in the breakage of the belt. Also, the over-stretching of the drive belt may end up in a loosened belt.

Loose Mower Deck Belt Symptoms:

Before getting directly on how to tighten the drive belt on a craftsman lawn mower, it is significant to know the symptoms that indicate the loose mower deck belt:

  • Screeching or squealing noise.
  • Burrowing your power.
  • Wear and tear on the belt might loosen the belt ending up in falling right off.

It is paramount to identify the problem in the drive belt and treat it as soon as possible.

How tight should the Mower deck belt be?

The mower deck belt should not be too tight. Remember that when the mower is off, and the belt is engaged, it should have at least 1 inch of play using the back and forth movement. A much tighter belt will put pressure on other parts of the mower. However, another trick to know if the belt is tight enough is when you can turn it to 80 degrees.

How to adjust belt tension on riding Lawn Mower?

Don’t panic if your drive belt is having some issues. Here, we will make you a pro in adjusting the belt on your own without any second thought. The first thing that you should know is that adjusting the belt tension on riding a lawn mower is not a rocket science. You just need one tool to start and complete the process. Yes, you heard me right! Only a wrench or plier is required to fix the belt.

Below is the step-by-step guide how to tighten the drive belt on Craftsman Lawn Mower. Let’s get started:

Step#1: Put your Mower on Parking Mode

The first step is to take your lawn mower to a smooth surface to expedite work. By pressing the parking brake, you can put the mower in parking mode.

Step#2: Detach the Battery Cable

Detach the power cable from the battery to save yourself from getting electrified.

Step#3: Locate the Belt

Lawn movers can be of plastic or steel deck. So you have to pull the deck upwards to locate the belt. These drive belts are usually in black color and are made up of rubber.

Step#4: Find the Bracket and lose the Bracket Screws

While locating the belt, you will see a spring attached to the mower’s body. This spring is used to accord the screws with the main body.

Carefully loose the two screws to loosen the belt and the bracket. Just loosen the screws; you don’t have to take them off completely.

Step#5: Adjust the Belt and Tighten the Bracket Screws

Now pull the bracket gently (back and forth) and check the belt thoroughly. Adjust the belt and make sure it is tight enough. After settling the belt, use a wrench to tighten the screws back.

After fitting the screws, once again check the belt to ensure it is fitted.

Step#6: Re-Establish The Deck and Reconnect the Power Cable

Re-establish the deck and reconnect the power cable with the battery. Check if your mower is working properly now without any weird noise.

Do’s and Don’ts of Repairing Mower Belt:

  • Don’t forget to switch off the engine and to detach the power cable before any repair.
  • Be cautious of the blades while repairing the belt as they are nearby.
  • After the self-repair process, if your machine is still not adjusted. Kindly seek professional assistance for further help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to stop my mower belt from slipping?

You can stop your mower belt from slipping by tightening it.

What causes slipping in the mower belt?

The reason behind slipping is the loose or damaged belt. Slipping of the belt is dangerous as it heats up the engine, which may result in fire.

How often should I change my mower deck belt?    

Besides getting damaged, it is advised to change it once in a year.

What are the symptoms of loosen belts in the lawn mower?   

The common symptoms of loosening belt in lawn mower are:

  • Screeching or squealing noise.
  • Burrowing your power.
  • Wear and tear on the belt might loosen the belt ending up falling right off.

How to tighten the Drive Belt on a craftsman lawn mower?

To tighten the drive belt on a craftsman lawn mower, follow the following steps.

  1. Put your mower on parking mode.
  2. Detach the power cable.
  3. Locate the belt.
  4. Find the bracket and loosen the bracket screw.
  5. Adjust the belt and tighten the screws.
  6. Pull the deck back and reconnect the power cable.

Final Verdict:

 Adjusting the mower belt is not a grim procedure. But if you are unable to do it on the first attempt, we advise seeking professional help as experimenting with machines with the least experience might cause severe damage.

We hope this step-by-step guide on how to tighten the Drive Belt on a craftsman lawn mower was practical. Good luck.

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