How to adjust lawnmower throttle cable?

How and when to fix a lawnmower throttle cable? (Quick Guide)

Are you trying to know how to fix a lawnmower throttle cable? What is a throttle cable? How does it work, and what happens when it is out of order? Here is all the necessary information that you might possibly need.

As you try to find a good engine to have a considerable speed for your lawnmower, the second thing is how you can keep control of it?

Lawn mowers’ throttle cables are responsible for this. It is its duty to make the engine start and control its speed while you mow your garden or field’s grass. It is the connection of the lawnmower with the user as it manages your engine’s functions.

When you turn the mode on lawn mowing, it comes into action. It supervises the speed as well as regulating your fuel consumption. It also checks the rotations of your blades.

About its location in a lawnmower, most lawnmowers use automatic throttles these days.

However, using an older model, you may find a manual cable. An automatic cable is available next to your carburetor’s intake valve.

When do we need to fix it?

Throttle cables get old with time and stretch or worn out, and it ends up giving your engine not enough power to start and work properly.

If you find your lawnmower at rest and still stalling on the throttle cable, you should inspect your carburetor and muffler.

If you see the engine starting up but, switches off when you accelerate, there is an issue with either your carburetor or throttle cable.

The condition of your throttle cable also makes a difference. Check whether it is snapped. For that, if it is not severe, you can have some lubricant. Otherwise, you can change it to a new one.

How to fix it?

Make sure there is a difference between fixing it or the stuck of your throttle cable; it requires some other steps to follow.

It is not a great hassle to fix your throttle cable. All you need is your simple housekeeping tools, including a tape for measurement, a plier, a socket wrench, and a screwdriver.

Following are the steps to get the job done in easy steps:

  • First of all, inspect your throttle lever. For that, move your lever back and forth with your hand. 
  • Then you come to the checking of your throttle’s choke arm. For that, you remove the cover of your air filter. Your screwdriver will do it.
  • Now you take some measurements. You take the length from your control lever to the choke arm. It would be near to 1 or a maximum of 2 millimeters. So, get the right measurement tape.
  • If you see the result of your measurement more than that, you should loosen your adjuster nut a bit. Use your socket wrench for this process. For adjusting it, you can either go up or down, and it will come back to your accurate distance.
  • Now your nut will be gripping on the cable. You take your plier and pull the cable to give it the right tension. Then, you tighten the nut back to where it was with your socket wrench.

How much does the cable cost?

There will be a time when you see that your throttle cable is not working even after performing the above process. At that time you need to realize that it has gotten old and out of order now, and you should replace it.

The cables do not charge a large amount. You can easily get a good one with pricing near to 50 to 100 dollars.

However, getting the right one for your mower is important.

You should check your mowers’ construction, year, and model, and you can easily search the cable your lawnmower requires.

Why should we use the throttle at its full speed?

We are not forcing you to do it; otherwise, it will be harmful. It is totally your decision, and people use the throttles at their own pace for longevity in use.

We are telling you only the benefits that you will get if you use it at full speed.

  • Your engines are designed to perform at their full speed. Shifting the speed other than that will cause to put stress on your engine parts, and it will shorten your consumption of the engine. It may also cause the engine to start vibrating. 
  • The second thing that you will get is the optimum performance and clean cutting of your grass. When you use it at full speed, it will make the blades move faster, and it will give a clean finish to your grass. When your throttle moves at a lesser speed, there is a chance that you will get a rough or uneven cutting. 
  • When you deal with dense grass, the fast-cutting speed will cut the grass easily. On the other hand, slow speed can cause clogging, and you will find yourself plucking the grass out of the blades.

Lawnmower cable repair kit:

How about we tell you about something that you can get once, and it will solve your throttle cable’s repair or replacement easier forever?

There are repair kits available that will help you out every time. There are famous brands such as cycling colors giving you universal kits that have all the necessary tools, a head barrel clamp, two cables or steel, and teflon coating and three nipples along.

This kit will surely make your life easy and fixing your throttle cable will not be a problem anymore.


We hope this is the easiest and convenient way of fixing your throttle cable. If it further does not come back in action, then there is something wrong with the cable, and you can get a new one and replace it.

We have compiled all the necessary information about the lawn mowers’ throttle cables that you might need to know.

It is an easy and hassle-free process that you can perform at your home.

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