Husqvarna vs John deere lawnmower

Husqvarna vs John Deere riding mower (Compared!)

Husqvarna VS John Deere riding mowers is not a battle against each other but rivals for the best. They both have been operating and putting out mowers for the world to enjoy, and they are yet to stop. They build lawnmowers that last. Looking at lawn mowers that are the best in the game can be a little hard to find. They need so many characteristics to be the best, and they need to be simply competent with the promise that their companies have made. From comfort to the engine, they are packed with the right things, which are essential for a good mowing experience. 

Husqvarna Riding Mower

Husqvarna SpecificationsRatings
Husqvarna ratings based on its Features

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that has been operating since the 1600s; however, the lawnmower production did not start until 1919, and still today they have been able to provide the world with an ample amount of products ranging from diamond cutting technology and many others. The company has been in the industry for a long time and has a fair share of knowledge on what they need to introduce as a product to make it last, and be easier to work with. 

Husqvarna vs John Deere riding mower


Comfort is the most basic of needs when it comes to mowing your lawn. Knowing how hard it can be to mow a lawn manually, you may be aware of the fact that buying a lawnmower is an investment on your behalf. It saves you time, money, and energy. A Husqvarna is all about the comfort of the user. These aren’t the types of mowers with a normal seat on them that you simply use. These are the type of riding mowers that allow full control of the seat, and they have an additional cup holder which holds any cup for you while you sweat on the ground. By the way who doesn’t want a cold drink on a hot day while mowing the lawn? These are also stated to be one of the most comfortable mowers for riding, and mowing the lawn won’t even feel like a chore; it will be more of a joyride. And considering how easy it is to use these, maybe the teens can ride these, practice their driving lessons and get some chores done. Easier things come from comfort. 


Engines need to be in the best condition to ensure a smooth ride and long usage. Considering these riding series, the company has used two basic engine manufacturers, and they are Kohler and Briggs & Stratton. 

Kohler is a trusted company that started operations in 1920 and has been producing engines since. This company does not hold back when it comes to quality and has been tested thoroughly by the company to produce fine and quality engines which are easy to maintain and are always reliable.

These are also built to last and provide quality performance.

On the other hand, Briggs & Stratton have a solid reputation of their own. This company produces some of the toughest lawn mower engines to exist and has been known to give even the thickest grass a good trim. 

Both of these engine types are nothing less of each other and are fine choices for a good mower such as Husqvarna. 


Husqvarna is known to make products for commercial sizes, and they do reach a good price tag, but be sure to know that they do not disappoint in their work. They have been known to last a very long time for people who have maintained them. With proper maintenance, they can last you for years and can cut easily through thick grass, and are easy to control and clean up after as well. The good thing about these mowers is that they can have extra attachments, making them last in all sorts of seasons ranging from summer to winter. Attach a sowing plow to the mower, and you can clear out the snow in your driveway.

Have a big pile of fallen heaven in the backyard?

Pick it up with this mower. All of the sweaty tasks at your fingertips are ready to be used at any given point. The commercial factor of these mowers makes them a better candidate for larger cutting spaces with cutting widths ranging from 42 inches to 54 inches. All these features make it easier and faster to trim around a larger space. 

The cons of Husqvarna Riding Mower

Firstly, if you have the budget you can go for Husqvarna riding mowers. They are expensive, but they are certainly some of the most long-lasting mowers to exist. But there have been complaints of breaks downs of the mower after a certain period, and the repair cost puts you back a few thousand, considering if the repair includes some sort of part replacement. This is a definite con to buying this brand. 

Secondly, these mower warranty terms are a little bit tricky to understand if you don’t read through their warranty terms, you might end up paying whatever the repairman asks for. The warranty spans over a certain period, and it only covers some parts of the repair and does not support the whole mower itself. But then again, these circumstances can be avoided if the user maintains the mower all around the year. 

John Deere Riding Lawnmower

John Deere has also been in the business for quite a long time and has been able to put out some of the best mowers used across the state and the world. The company is Illinois based and has been working since 1837, and has been able to produce a huge line of agricultural products.

John Deere SpecificationsRatings
John Deere ratings based on its Features
John deere riding lawnmower

The rider mowing series is pretty vast and can provide a good amount of control over both commercial and home-based mowing. Though there is a range of products, they certainly deliver what they offer and promise. The company does not lack the promises they make and have been consistent with the type of products they put out. From apps that help track your lawn activities to having mowers that provide ease in mowing in reverse. 


John Deere is committed to providing you comfort like no other. They have been making it their priority and have built the mowers with an armrest on the side, to ensure a smooth mowing session. The seats are ergonomic which provides the user ease and comfort while mowing. The pedals on these machines are on the sides or are in places where they are easy to reach and won’t be a safety hazard for the person riding them.

Earlier changing the oil in lawn mowers was a time-consuming task. Now, John Deere has introduced a new method to change oil and now it takes a bare minimum of 30 seconds to change the oil. You only have to invest 30 seconds in the oil change, and your mower will be ready to go in no time.

Considering you may need to change the oil after 50 hours of mowing, makes it even easier. The right way to do this is to simply pop the hood and remove the empty canister and install a new one which can simply be twisted in the right position to install. After all these mowers come with an app that will help you track down what needs to be done on your lawn, and tracking things on the app is easy, which makes lawn maintenance easy as it never was.


To our pleasant surprise, we have found out that John Deere makes their own engines which makes the product more reliable. These engines are tested and run through several trials to make them perfect. The warranty which is given by the company works a lot better in the sense that they know more about the product and will be able to help you without you having to spend an extensive amount of time. There are different models available with different power for small and large areas of land.


The mowers made by John Deere are made keeping the quality and usability in mind, and having an experience of such a long time making lawn mowers give them an idea to know the customers’ pain points and design products accordingly.The company itself is based on the morals of what the customers need from their products.

Knowing this, we also know the fact that they provide great customer care and can help you with whatever help you may need, and they give a lot of care and attention to the warranty they provide with their products and have yet to have any consistent complaints about what they put out. 

Just like other mowers, they provide their lawnmowers with attachments that can be used throughout the year and can plow snow through the winters, help in bagging loads of leaves and even help in mulching to provide for the rest of your yard. These small details count up to a lot to having a reliable image. 

The innovation of having a record-breaking oil change time also makes them very reliable since this oil changing technique has been thoroughly tested in the company. Through a long time of trial and error, they were able to create a good solution for people who tend to run from a gas mower due to these small pet peeves and maintenance problems. 

The comfort in their seats and the breaking, which is made extensively easier, makes the whole thing a treat to work with. They are not the ordinary mowers, and they give you a run for your money every single time. 

The Cons of John Deere

With intricate research and shuffling through multiple sites to find things that make John Deere a brand not worth buying, we really couldn’t find something to put the finger on. There are many things people personally struggle with while buying anything available in the market. Still, there have yet to be any major complaints that are consistently seen under their products. This is what makes them a lot more trusted company in the market and these are easily shipped from the USA to other major countries.

Final verdicts

The choice only seems to get harder and harder, don’t they? The question between Husqvarna VS John Deere riding mowers all comes down to one thing, i.e. your needs. Both these mowers are excellent in their own ways. Having a more commercial need for mowers will eventually lead you to want a Husqvarna mower built for a long yard and not something small and homey.

Not saying the John Deere can’t handle a longer yard, but it is suggested for yards and lawns, which are a little smaller than a commercial area. The Husqvarna is a little more expensive, but you can be sure they’ll give a good run for your money as well. The John Deere mowers can give you a good product that is made almost entirely by themselves, and it chooses the best-outsourced products if required.

Now you can choose your warrior to march through the grass successfully. 

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