Lawn Mower Losing Power When Cutting (Reasons and Solutions!)

When it comes to making your lawn look flawless and good all the time, you always count on your tools and equipment. Especially for your lawn grass trimming, there is no better way than having your lawn mower along. You must pay attention when you see it losing power and shutting off without any reason. Once this happens, it is not going to resolve itself. 

There could be clear reasons why your engine is finding such a problem in keeping up with the performance. It could either be clogging in air filters, fuel blocking, or you have not changed the oil for a while now. In case your engine is not making enough spark to switch on the engine, then it will turn off the engine after a little while. That spark for combustion is based on getting the appropriate amount of fuel, air, and the spark plug working well. 

Lawn Mower Losing Power When Cutting  

Here, we will tell you all the possible symptoms of why your engine is losing power midway. These are the symptoms that may occur using your regular lawnmower. If you find your new mower’s engine struggling in performing, it is better to consult with the manufacturer. Following are some of the common reasons to keep in mind:

Reason 1: Unclean Or Damaged Air Filters

It is your filter’s duty to let in the appropriate amount of clean air into your engine in order to make combustion. They keep the dirt and dust outside as they can hurt your engine’s long life. It stops it but the dust sticks in the filter fabric, and it keeps on piling up. In the end, the air that goes in the carburetor becomes insufficient, and your engine lags while mowing the grass. The solution is to take out the filters and wash the debris off, but it may be damaged. Otherwise, you should replace them with a new one.

Reason 2: Unclean Gas

This is another reason why your lawn mower is losing power when cutting. We do not keep that in mind very often. The breaking of gas depends upon the area where you live. Usually, the gas tends to break in 30 days on average. When the weather changes and especially when the spring season comes, you take it out for use. Make sure to recycle the tank and put in new gas. Also, when it is raining, and your mower is out there, empty the tank and refill the gas. Else, you will see your engine turning off every little while. 

Reason 3: Spark Plug at Fault

Your spark plug is the source by which your engine gets the combustion, and it burns the fuel to work well. The plug is said to be fouled or contaminated when you see it not providing the proper spark to your engine. This inconsistent combustion happens because of the carbon that sticks to it from the fuel or dirt. Dust particles make the circuit incomplete, and electrodes are unable to keep the engine away from consistent sparks. However, there is no such big deal that you worry yourself. Simply take out the plug carefully and if the mower engine is hot, let it cool down first. Clean the tip through the clean fabric until you see it dry and free from oil and dirt. Then, put it back and connect to close the circuit, and you will see it working well as before. 

Reason 4: Irregular Oil Changing

Insufficient or too much oil keeps your engine away from working in an optimal way. The manufacturers usually clearly mention the specific amount of oil. Unfortunately, people pay little attention to it and pour the oil on the basis of mere assumptions. Oil is to lubricate the inner components of your engine. The lesser amount will not lubricate them well, and your engine will start knocking. Whereas, too much oil is also an issue as it will start resting on filters and make the fuel and air unable to get inside. The only remedy is to be very specific while adding the new oil.

Reason 5: Deck Clogging

This is the issue of having wet grass or grass with a long length. This will make your mower run on it poorly. Usually, people do not notice, and wet grass sticks to the deck as well as to the blades. When your blade finds it difficult to move, your mower’s engine tries to put even more pressure. The ultimate result comes when your engine loses power after every two minutes. Another reason is the belt of your deck. When the belt gets older, it starts loosening up. The blades then do not spin at the same speed, and it affects the engine’s horsepower. Therefore, the advice is to change the belt when you feel it is not working properly or clean the deck when the cutting gets improper. 

Reason 6: Carburetor Blocking

You should avoid every kind of leaking of your oil or gas. The reason is that it blocks the carburetor from conveying the fuel to the engine. All of it accumulate and ultimately affects the engine, and it then starts shutting down more often. Plus, when you see the white smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe, it is a clear symptom of the carburetor issue. When the seals are damaged or dirty, it is ineffective to mix gas and air to provide clean fuel to the engine. Keep your carburetor clean, and it will not be coming in the way.


Now you know all about, what are the main reasons why your lawnmower is losing power when cutting. Keep a check whether your filters, spark plug, the deck is unclean, or your carburetor is making a hindrance. If you have done all of it and nothing is making it back to working again, it is better to get in touch with a professional.  

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