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Push Mowers

Push mowers requires less physical effort as compared to manual reel mowers. You have to walk behind the mower by just pushing it and giving the direction. These mowers are best for young and middle age people and also keeps the body fit. They are faster and excellent in terms of functioning. These lawn mowers are great for grass cutting and work well on the edges and slopes.

Riding Mowers

why lawnmowers are so loud

Riding mowers are easier to use than push mowers, as there is no physical effort required whatsoever. You can sit on the mower like your car and just operate from there with steering and brakes. These mowers are best for elderly people. These mowers work best for yards that are in the size of 3/4 of an acre or bigger. They are fast and very efficient.

Zero Turn Mowers

best zero turn mower for 10 acres

Zero-turn lawn mowers are best suited for professional use for mowing a large area of land of more than half an acre. A zero-turn lawn mower is something a user can use to mow their lawn while sitting on top of the chair while steering in the required direction with precision. They are pretty easy to use and very powerful with power steering and power brakes.

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