why lawnmowers are so loud

Why Lawn Mowers are so loud? – All you must know!


The loud sound of lawn mowers in the morning is one of the dangerous voices, especially on holidays. It looks like an attack on the human senses during the comfort sleep of sunday morning. All of us want to know why lawn mowers are so loud? Right?

If you are also in the same situation and want a solution, continue reading to find a practical solution.

Usually, the mowers are loud due to the low-quality absorptive type mufflers attached to the engine. People consider choosing power-saving and affordable lawn mower, which is excellent but has the worst noise. Manufacturers can make it better, but they compromise on the manufacturing cost.

In addition, it also includes some other reasons that lawn mowers make loud noises. Here we will share the primary sources of noises and how you can make your lawn mower quiet.

Sources of Noise in lawn mowers

There are different sources of noise that make it louder and unbearable. You need to check the quality of your lawn mower and its components regularly. However, here are some common reasons and noise sources in lawn mowers that make them louder.

Source 1 – Clogged Fuel Lines

The fuel line of the mower is a way to bring the gasoline from the fuel tank and lead it to the combustion area. If the fuel line is dirty and clogged at points, then the sufficient supply of gasoline breaks. Usually, we think that the filters are dirty or may be blocked, producing noise, but the actual problem is in the fuel lines.

So it’s essential to check the quality of the fuel line and replace it. It is easy to replace the fuel line and install the new one with easy-to-follow steps. Moreover, the fuel line is also budget-friendly. You can replace it by turning off the engine and sliding the clamp off from both sides of the fuel line. Add the new line, but ensure it has the correct size; otherwise, you may face oil leaks or cracks in the queue.

Source 2 – Lawn mowers need to produce more power

It is also one of the common reasons that lawn mowers need to produce more power but makes it louder. If the mower engine is entirely silent, it is also not working correctly. However, most mowers have the 4-cylinder or 2-cylinder engine and are louder than others. The 4- cylinder engine is less noisy.

In addition, energy production also affects the sound of the mower. So it depends on all other components and affects engine noise production due to increased energy demand.

Source 3 – Overworked Engine

Overworked lawn mowers are one of the great reasons for noise. If you frequently use lawn mower during the day, make sure to give a break to the engine so that it cools down and makes a lot less noise. Moreover, check the oil of the engine and fuel filters that help reduce overheating during working hours.

Keep in mind that resting the engine of the lawn mower helps to improve its performance and reduce the noise.

Source 4 – Loose Parts of lawn mowers

The loose parts of lawn mowers create excess noise. For example, the failing connection can start producing vibrating noises. In addition, check the rattling screws, open decks, or wobbling blades if mowers suddenly begin making more noise. Ensure that you check all the screws to ensure their secure fixation. If you find any loose part, tight it or replace its screws with new metal screws.

Source 5 – Cracked Muffler of lawn mowers

Mufflers are a way to reduce the engine’s noise output. If the muffler of the lawn mower is in good condition, it can handle the extreme hot or cold temperatures without any wrapping, breaking, or cracking. When it smashes into two pieces, it scrapes against each other and produces high noise. Moreover, the loose muffler also made loud sounds and didn’t serve the purpose.

So regularly check the muffler’s condition to maintain its working and reduce the noises.

How to make lawn mowers quiet?

The first thing that will help you with making the lawn mower quiet is replacing the mufflers. The engine exhaust of the lawn mower produces smoke which can damage the mufflers that are already installed. Always try to install reflective type mufflers which can help in reducing the unpleasant noise. But replacing the muffler is not the only solution to make your lawn mower less noisy.

Regular maintenance can also help with noise reduction in the best possible manner. Maintenance includes cleaning and changing the air filter to ensure the airflow is not obstructed and changing the spark plug is also equally vital. Changing the oil at least once every year is highly recommended for better performance and less noise.

Moreover, if you want to keep your lawn mower quiet, check its quality and engine capacity. Ensure that the blades and sensitive parts are safe from vibration sources. You also need to check the spraying methods of lawn mowers so that the working quality is maintained and noise is under control. Remember that it helps sustain your lawn mower’s durability and working capacity.

Now the last but the most straightforward way to reduce the noise of lawn mowers is to shift a battery power mower instead of the engines. Many battery electric-powered lawn mowers offer excellent working with no or less noise.

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Now you have a compelling guide about your query, why are lawn mowers so loud? It is a fact that lawn mowers are louder, but you can make it quieter with proper maintenance and services. It is easy to make the lawn mower quiet by shifting on electric mowers, changing the mufflers, and installing high-end tools. This guide shares some common reasons that make the mowers louder. So if you also want to make it quiet, follow the tips mentioned above and make it quieter.

We hope this guide helps you identify the noise source in your mower, and you can deal with them like a professional. 

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