How to fix lawn mower pull cord spring?

How to fix lawn mower pull cord spring? (In-depth Guide)

The beautiful grass of your garden always needs maintenance, which people do with the help of a lawn mower. It always keeps the grasses trimmed and uniform, giving aesthetically pleasing appearance to your garden. But what if the rope is not recoiling back in the mower? Well, that can be a result of a recoil spring.

This article will discuss how to fix lawn mower pull cord spring in the simplest ways possible. So you can quickly repair it all by yourself without needing any particular expertise.

Step by step guide to fix lawn mower recoil spring:

Following are the straightforward points that will answer your simple question of how to fix lawn mower pull start spring within few minutes.

Unscrew the motor cover containing recoil assembly.

Lift the motor lid to reach recoil assembly.

Unscrew the recoil assembly too. Make sure not to lose all the bolts and minor springs on it.

Once the recoil arm is out, remove the rope by untying or cutting it with scissors.

Turn it over, and you’ll see the recoil spring with a pulley

Remove the pulley before touching the starter spring.

You’ll see the damaged recoil spring. Replace it with the new one.

Pro tip: check out your lawn mower engine model and its number. This will help you to find a perfect recoil spring that will suit your mower. Make sure to check that there’s a hook at the one end of the recoil spring, or else it will become useless too.

After the replacement, place the pulley over the recoil spring and secure it tightly with the help of the screwdriver. Do not let it get loose.

Place all the minor springs and screws in their previous position carefully.

It is the most important step for a perfect recoiling spring. To make your work pay off, you’ll need to rotate the pulley counterclockwise. These rotations create certain tension inside the recoil spring that plays a significant role in start spring functioning.

Rotate the pulley by hand between six to ten times in a counterclockwise direction. This is the ideal range of rotation of the pulley. More or less revolving can affect the working of recoiling.

Now it’s time to reinstall the cord we removed previously. You can either use the old one or can buy a new one. Any of them would be a good choice. Guide the pull cord through its entrance present in the pulley holes.

Hold the pulley full of tension with one hand and rewind the rope around the pulley with the other hand. Make sure to check if your cord is wrapping fine or not by pulling it with little force after few rounds.

Pro tip: tie the knot or superglue the one end of the rope. In this way, it will not come out entirely in hand while starting the lawnmower.

Rotate the pulley again in a counterclockwise direction a few times to resettle the tension.

Pro tip: if you want to prevent the pull spring from spinning while performing all these tasks, place a screwdriver through the pulley.

Place it carefully in the cover and tighten up all the remaining screws. If you are holding the recoil with the screwdriver, remove the driver.

Place it in the motor cover again.

Join the motor with the lawnmower, and here you go! Your lawn mower pull spring is as good as new.

Hacks that will make your pull cord spring fixing easier:

If it is your first time fixing a pull cord spring, you can get in a bit of trouble. This can consume a ton of your time which can annoy you. So here we are with extra hacks of how to repair a mower recoil spring that will efficiently help you.

Perfect placement of the lawnmower cord

It is one of the most important parts as it helps to start a lawnmower. No matter how perfectly you fixed the recoil spring if the cord is not properly wrapped around, it’s will all result in a complete disaster. To prevent this, it is vital to have accurate cord encasing.

Do not let the rope be too tight that it feels short. Neither it should be too loose that a ton of its part keeps hanging out. Find a sweet spot between these two choices.

Screwdriver to the rescue

As we discussed earlier, using a screwdriver in recoil assembly is not only about fixing screws. Crossing the screwdriver through the pulley helps to maintain the tension in the spring for a while. By using it, you can use both of your hands to rewind the mower cable. 

While fixing it back in the recoil assembly again, you can remove the screwdriver carefully without losing any tension. It is a small hack, but it will save you a ton of labor as well as time.

Final verdict

A lawnmower is an important part of Gardner’s life. A slight disruption in mowers performance can affect a ton of things related to your beautiful garden. So we discussed a detailed guide of how to fix lawn mower pull cord spring efficiently. With the help of this simple guide, you can set the recoil spring easily at home.

Along with that, we also mentioned few tips that will make your work easier. This includes the versatile use of screwdrivers besides tightening screws, securing the rope by tying a knot at the one end. We also discussed the importance of perfect cord placement along with different ways to find an ideal recoil spring that suits your machine. Thanks for reading this article. We hope to see you again soon.

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