how to change blades of john deere lawnmower

How to change blades on John Deere riding mower? (Do’s and Dont’s)

Lawnmowers are life savers when it comes to saving time while shaving the grass from the lawn. However, these mowers need maintenance to increase their durability. John Deere is one of the most reliable mowers in the market. The blades of John Deere also require changing once it completes its designated period. Here we will guide you on how to change blades on John Deere riding mower.

This is an ultimate guide on how to change blades on John Deere riding mower. Let’s have a look at step-by-step guide.

Changing the blade in John Deere is an easy procedure, and you can definitely DIY. Let have a look at things you will require to complete the process.

How to change blades on John Deere riding mower?

You would need:

  • Extension pipe for emergency use.
  • Wooden block to prevent blade rotation during replacement.
  • A new blade to replace the damaged one.
  • Hand gloves to protect your hands.
  • Hydraulic jack to lift the mower.
  • Goggles to protect your eyes.
  • 15/16-inch socket.
  • ½ inch drive ratchet.

Below is the step-by-step guide to change blades in the John Deere riding mower. Let’s get started:

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Blades in John Deere Riding Mower:

Step#1 Place The Mower On Flat Surface

Park the mower on an even surface. To ensure the safety put blocks behind the rear wheels. Upright the mower deck to get access to the base of the mower’s deck.

Step#2 Lift the mower using Hydraulic Jack

Sometimes deck needs to be removed to change the blade, which is a technical process. So to avoid removing the deck, you can lift the mower to get access to the blade in a glib way.

Step#3 Remove the Bolt

Remove the bolts that hold the blades in place by using a 15-16 inch socket and ½ inch drive ratchet. Place the wooden piece in front of the blade to avoid rotation. Also, you might need an extension pipe at this point for extra leverage.

Step#4 Remove the Blade

After removing the bolts, drop the blade from the mower to inspect, replace or sharpen it.

Step#5 Install New Blade

Now is the time to install the new blade. Place the new blade in the exact position and replace the washer and bolt back to its place. Again block the blade’s rotation using a wooden piece and tighten the nut in a clockwise direction.

If your mower has two blades, repeat the same process on the other blade. Some folks might also have three blades.

Pro Tips:

  • Power wash the deck and blades before opening the bolts to have a clear view of the situation.
  • Place the wooden block in front of the blades while opening to ease opening bolt.
  • Make sure the star design sets in place while replacing the blade.
  • Carefully check the front and backside of the blade and make sure to position it correctly.


Don’t forget to wear gloves while dealing with blades as touching the sharp blades with bare hands is not a good idea.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions:

When to change the blade of the John Deere Riding Mower?

The blades of the John Deere riding mower require replacement when they become damaged and dull. A dull blade puts the burden on the mower and prevents it from attaining its sole purpose. As the process of changing the blade is simple, you can do it on your own without any assistance.
So it is worthless to ride the mower with damaged or dull blades; you should change them as soon as possible.

What size socket for John Deere Mower Blade?

16-inch size socket is ideal for John Deere Mower blade.

Which way do the blades go on a John Deere riding mower?

The curve part of the blade should be facing up towards the underside of the mower’s deck.

Why change John Deere Mower Blades?

It is essential to change mower blades when they are dull or damaged as they put excessive pressure on bearing and pulleys. Instead of making the whole machine suffer, it is wise to change the broken or damaged part.

What kind of John Deere blades are available in the market?

John Deere blades include:
1. Low-lift Blades
2. Medium-Lift Blades
3. High-Lift Blades

What are the benefits of John Deere Mower Blades?

The John Deere Mower Blades are:
1. High quality blades.
2. Ensures aggressive and even mowing.
3. Have nickel alloy steel makes it resistant to breakage.

Is it possible to remove blades without removing the deck of John Deere Mower?

Yes, the blades can be removed using the hydraulic jack to lift the mower, which is also the easiest one as removing the deck completely and then placing it back requires skill.

Final Verdict:

We hope this guide on how to change the blades on the John Deere riding mover was helpful. Follow all the pro tips, cautions, and steps to make the blade changing process smooth. Besides, John Deere are one of the best and reliable mowers in the market. The easy to change blade process makes is a good choice for buyers.

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